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Canadian Fisherman


The opening days of what promises to be the greatest year in the history of Canada’s fisheries, is a fitting time for the launching of a journal devoted to the interests of the fishermen and the fish trade of the Dominion.

Up to the present, the men engaged in the fisheries of Canada have had no paper or magazine specially written for them or representing the fishing business in any way, and considering that the Canadian Fisheries last year amounted to thirty-four million dollars in value, the industry has grown to proportions which fully justify the publication of a journal to cover all that is going on in the trade from coast to coast and at the same time assist in the development of one of Canada’s greatest natural resources—the Fisheries.

A good live trade journal can do a great deal towards helping the progress of an industry. It is the means of bringing those who are engaged in the business together. The special articles and news items published in its columns arc bound to be of value to both fishermen and shore dealers, while the suggestions of men who know what they arc writing about, whether fishermen or dealers, will do much to help the trade and give a better understanding of affairs between them.

The fishing trade is divided among three classes. First, comes the fishermen themselves—the men who catch the fish. Second, are the wholesalers who purchase the fares and look after the distribution of the fish among the retailors. Third, consists of the retailers who sell the fish to the general public. Among the three classes there is a great deal of misunderstanding mostly caused by ignorance of each others particular part of the business. The fishermen know very little about the troubles and difficulties which beset the wholesalers in making and supplying markets, and the wholesalers, in turn, know very little about the hardships the fishermen have to undergo in order to bring in the fares. The retailer, as a rule, knows the least about cither of the other two. The consequence is that all three are divided in ideas and pulling against each other. Not in every case, but in a great many.

The great success of any business consists in all hands pulling together. All three sections are engaged in supplying the goods to the consumer and trying to create a larger market in them, but a lack of knowledge of the conditions which rule in each section has a tendency to hinder the progress of the business. Here is where the influence of an able trade journal like the Canadian Fisherman will do a great deal to help the industry. Our organization with its practical writers and correspondents scattered throughout all the fishing sections of Canada; our acquaintance with the fishermen themselves, the wholesalers and the state of the markets throughout the Dominion, puts us in a position to help all sections without favoring one more than the other. In the pages of the Canadian Fisherman the fishermen will get a great deal if information about other parts of their business which they could never get anywhere else, and the same applies to the wholesalers and retailers.

Success to the Fisheries is the watchword of this magazine. We are starting out with the intention of boosting the fish business of Canada and we hope that all who are in the trade, whether fishermen or merchants, will assist us to do so. We are not influenced in any way by politics, nor in the pay of trusts, syndicates or Unions. We do not intend to do any knocking unless it is for the good of the trade.

The first number which we present to you this month is by no means perfect, but we want to make it so before long. In this we ask the advice of the men in the business. The Canadian Fisherman is your magazine and it makes no difference to us whether the men who advise us handle the twine or trawl or work at the desk. Assist us by subscribing to the magazine regularly and making helpful criticisms, and we will do our best to make good on the task we have set ourselves.

Volume 1 (1914)
Volume 2 (1915)
Volume 3 (1916)
Volume 4 (1917)
Volume 5 (1918)
Volume 6 (1919)
Volume 7 (1920)
Volume 8 (1921)
Volume 9 (1922)
Volume 10 (1923)

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