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What's New on Electric Canadian
Here I'm listing anything new added to the site over the past week or so. As my main work is on the Electric Scotland site I do need to focus entirely on that site so content will be added here as I get the time.

The page below was added as a result of an over sight on my part as I'd obviously completed a book about Joseph Howe but had not prepared the page for you to access it which has now been fixed. That said I thought I'd better check that all the other pages were ok and they are but I have also added a 2 volume pdf book on the Memoirs of John A MacDonald.  This is partly because as you read the Preface to his book you'll see they recommended this set for additional reading.
Added Joseph Howe by Hon. J. W. Longley (1909). A maker of Canada.
Added Some pictures from Joan Morris where she took a family holiday in Nova Scotia in 2014.
Added Bruce MacKinnon, Canadian editorial cartoonist, to our Makers of Canada section.
Added Victoria Country Centennial History by Watson Kirkconnel (1921).
Added Best of Luck, How a Fighting Canadian won the thanks of Britain's King by Alexander McClintock, Late Sergeant, 87th Battalion, Canadian Grenadier Guards, Now member of U. S. A. Reserve Corps (1917) (pdf)
Added a page for Ralph Connor, Author and Minister.
Added History Islands and Isletes in the Bay of Fundy By J. G. Lorimer (1876) (pdf)
Added an article about Kendra MacGillivray. From Cape Breton to Tokyo, Dallas to Denmark, Edinburgh and back to the Glencoe Dance Hall, Kendra MacGillivray has play them all.
Added Reports on the Scottish Crofter Emigration to Canada.
Added Chapter XXI.. and this concludes our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XX. Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Yarmouth to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Fruit Ranching in British Columbia, an interesting book on a family emigrating from the UK with the intention of building a Fruit Ranch in BC. (pdf)
Added The Year Book of British Columbia
The Year book of 1903 (pdf)
Added some information on Thunder Bay, Formerly Fort William.
Added a pdf book of the Delaware Religion.
Added Chapter XIX. Literature. Literary remains. The Press to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XVIII. Political and Educational Progress. Confederation. Incorporation. Judicial History of the County. Courts. Common Pleas. Our Schools and School-Masters to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XVII. Social Progress from 1800. Negro Slaves. New Settlements. Salmon River. Kemptville. Beaver River. Ohio. Hebron. Carleton. Temperance and Total Abstinence Societies. Great Fire of 1820 to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XVI. The Story of Yarmouth Shipping Enterprise. Anthony Landers. Ease of the Methodist body. The Free Baptists. Rise and Progress of Sunday Schools to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XV. Supremacy of Yarmouth gradually asserted. War of 1812-14. Loyal Memorial. Defences to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XIV. Opening of the Nineteenth Century. Condition of Roads and Bridges. Institution of the Post Office. H. G. Farish. Progress in Public Buildings. Episcopal Church. Abbe Sigogne. Social Conveniences to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XIII. Commercial progress. Fishing. Early local merchants. Yarmouth made a Port of Shelburne. J. N. Bond. Religious Devolution. Henry Alline. Jonathan Scott. Harris Harding. Religious Census. Original homes and first locations of the early settlers to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added 3 videos showing you how to make Maple Syrup and then turning it into Maple Sugar.
Added Chapter XII. Third Decade 1780-90. Loyalist Element in the County. Cape Forchue meeting house. Escheated property. Partition of the Township of Yarmouth. Original Settlers of Tusket. Church Covenant of 1784 to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter XI. Fresh Arrivals. Memorial for a Re-adjustment of County limits. Colonial troubles of 1775. Politics of the period to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added some more information to the Canadian Tourism page along with another video.

Added Chapter X. Township of Argyle. When set apart. Successive settlement of Argyle, Tusket, Rel Brook and Pubnico. The D’Entremonts to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter IX. Opening up of the County by-roads. Public Worship. First Ministers. Chebogue Church raised to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added the Fall 2014 Newsletter of The Scots Canadian.
Added Chapter VIII. Increase between 1764-7. Township Grant. Marks of progress. Grist and Saw Mills to our History of Yarmouth book.
I decided to use YouTube to do a report on why Canada is seeing a decline in foreign arrivals.
Also added A video journey around BC.
Also added a few videos to our First Nations page.
Added a video "Our Home on Native Land - Wikwemikong" which is a one hour documentary made in Ontario. I've added this to the index page of our First Nations page.
Added Chapter VII. Continued influx till 1764. First notice of Argyle and Pubnico. Mr. Crawley’s Return, Personal references to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added Chapter VI. Progress of the work of Settlement. Committee appointed by Council. Rules for their guidance to our History of Yarmouth book.
Added the October 2014 newsletter of the Grand Priory of Canada.

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