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History of Nova Scotia

See also Cape Breton

Pictonians at Home and Abroad
By Rev. J. P. MacPhie M.A. (1914)
On October 17, 2011, the Nova Scotia government entered into an agreement with the Federal Government to protect the Island as a national park. The news followed an announcement made by the Canadian federal government in May 2010 increasing the level of protection the island receives by transferring governmental control from the Canadian Coast Guard to Parks Canada. Sable Island became Canada's 43rd National Park on June 20, 2013 with approval of Mi'kmaq stakeholders. The park is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna including a breed of the unique Sable Island horse. The park is also a breeding ground for marine life.
History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
By J. L. MacDougall (1922)
Alastair's Travel Journal
I spent around 2 weeks in Cape Breton and this is my journal of my visit.
Cape Breton
By C. W. Vernon

Zoe knows that Cape Breton has a lot to offer tourists, so she decides to do something a little unusual for this assignment. She dons an 18th century persona and spends a day at the Fortress of Louisbourg in HISTORY LESSON. She puts herself at the mercy of the head cook, falls slightly in love with a blacksmith, and makes a new friend of Julie, her escort. After she manages to sneak into a boy's costume and set off the cannon, she departs for Firehouse Ironworks, a 21st century forge where she bangs out her frustration and makes a fine looking hook.

Folklore of Nova Scotia
By Mary L. Fraser
Nova Scotia Historical Society
Reports and Collections
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood
A Story from Nova Scotia by J. MacDonald Oxley, LL.D. (1892)
Memoir of the Rev James MacGregor D.D.
Missionary of the General Associate Synod of Scotland to Pictou, Nova Scotia with Notices of the Colonization of the Lower Provinces of British America, and of the Social and Religious condition of the Early Settlers by his Grandson The Rev. George Patterson (1859)
Nova Scotia: The Province that has been Passed By
By Beckles Willson (1911)
A History of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
By Frank H. Patterson, LL.D (1917)
Federation for Scottish Culture in Nova Scotia

Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia Nationhood Proclamation
With additional videos
A History of the County of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
By Rev. J. R. Campbell (1876)
A First Reading Book in the Micmac Language
Comprising the Micmac numerals, and names of the different kinds of Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Trees, &c. Also a Dictionary of the language.
History of Halifax City
Extracted from a pdf version of the Nova Scotia archives.
Relics of the Stone Age in Nova Scotia
By Harry Piers
History of Nova Scotia
An overview with links to major works on the Province.
History of the Bank of Nova Scotia 1832-1900

Nova Scotia Web Cams [external link]
Letters from Canada
Written during a residence in Canada in the years 1806 to 1808.
Some pictures from Joan Morris
Where she took a family holiday there in 2014.
The Nova Scotia Question
In connection with the Relief of Highland & Other Destitution by the Systematic Plantation of New Brunswick. (pdf)
Historic Halifax
Pocket Guide Book (pdf)
Sable Island
Its History and Phenomena by the Rev. George Patterson, D.D., F.R.S.C. (1894) (pdf)
The Old Judge
Or, Life in a Colony by the Author of "Sam Slick, the Clockmaker" in two volumes (1849)
The Jamaica Maroons
How they came to Nora Scotia — How they left it (pdf)
Gaelic Nova Scotia: A Resource Guide
This guide is for educators and those who wish to learn more about Gaelic language, culture, and identity in Nova Scotia. (pdf)
The Baronets of Nova Scotia
Their Country and Cognisance by Sir Edward MacKenzie MacKenzie, Baronet N.S. Communicated by Sir John Bourinot and read May 23, 1901 (pdf)
Builders of Nova Scotia
A Historical Review with an Appendix containing Copies of Rare Documents Relating to the Early Days of the Province By Sir John G. Bourinot, K.C.M G., LL.D. (1899) (pdf)
Sir William Alexander and the Scottish Attempt to colonize Acadia.
By the Rev. George Patterson, D.D. (1892) (pdf)
Nova Scotia under English Rule
From the Capture of Port Royal to the Conquest of Canada, A.D. 1710-1760, By Rev. W. 0. Raymond; LL.D. (1910) (pdf)
The History of Grand-pré
By John Frederic Herbin, B.A., (1911) (pdf)
Ulster Scots settlement of Nova Scotia
By Brian McConnell (pdf)

A selection of videos...

The Gaels of Cape Breton Shows Scottish settlers in the Highlands of Cape Breton, much like the Highlands of Scotland. Small flocks of sheep like the crofters of the old country wander on the hills and provide wool for spinning and weaving, while the plain-spired churches and the only Gaelic College in the world keep alive the faith brought from other highlands across the sea. Gaelic language is heard in the church, singing in community and casual exchanges between passers-by.


Cape Breton Gaels A brief clip where several people talk about the origins of the Feis movements on the Isle of Barra (Scotland) and on Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia, Canada) .


Singing against the Silence: The Gaels of Nova Scotia Documentary about Gaelic and Gaels in Nova Scotia and current efforts to revitalize the language and culture. In Gaelic with English subtitles. @ 2012, Michael Newton. High-definition. (Revision 3.)


Dan Allan Gillis, Broad Cove, Cape Breton Island Gaelic Affairs is a division of Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, Government of Nova Scotia, Canada. With offices in Antigonish, Halifax and Mabou, Nova Scotia, Gaelic Affairs works to support Nova Scotians in reclaiming Gaelic language and identity by creating awareness, working with partners and providing tools and opportunities to learn, share and experience Gaelic language and culture. Gaelic Affairs YouTube channel presents samples of Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia. Videos on conversation, song, music, dance, story and more will communicate a living Gaelic language and cultural community in our province.


The Highland Heart In Nova Scotia (1962) Scenics taken in and around Cape Breton Highlands National Park and a look at the history of the Scottish settlement of the area.

Expedition Nova Scotia. Full Length In this trip we traveled thousands of miles through North Eastern US - New Brunswick Canada - Prince Edward Island - Nova Scotia. We couldn’t see it all! This trip had some of the most beautiful camping spots and destinations for overlanding, and we had an incredible time! This video is the full length version of the Nova Scotia series published over the summer of 2019.

The Lost Shore of Nova Scotia Noah meets up with Matt and Dave after receiving a message from a subscriber telling us about the "Lost Shore" of Nova Scotia. The area was a pure delight to paddle - but had it's fair share of work and weather. Hope you enjoy!


Crossing Nova Scotia by Canoe | Full Documentary The Shubenacadie River is arguably Nova Scotia's most famous waterway with a rich history of being an important link from the open Atlantic Ocean to the Bay of Fundy. Much has changed since the Mi'kmaq relied on this river many years ago, but today the river is still enjoyed and cherished by many. To get the full experience Matt, Jeff, Dave, Noah and Osa (the dog) attempt to paddle the full 100+ kms from the Halifax Harbour to Maitland.


History of the County of Annapolis
Including Old Port Royal and Acadia with Memoirs of its representatives in the Provincial Parliamwent and Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of its early English Settlers and their families by the Late W. A. Calnek, Member of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, edited and completed by A. W. Savary, M. A., author of the "Savery Genealogy," Judge of the County Courts of Nova Scotia, Member of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, the Wiltshire (England) Archeological Society, and the American Historical Association. (1897) (pdf)
The History of the Village of Chester
Compiled by the Chester Branch of the Women's Institute of Nova Scotia founded on January 30, 1923 (pdf)

With The Wild
Welcome to "With the Wild" – Your go-to destination for off-grid living in the heart of the wilderness in Nova Scotia, Canada! Join us on a journey of self-sufficiency, survival skills, and the beauty of untamed landscapes. From building sustainable shelters to foraging for wild edibles, our videos are your guide to embracing a life with nature.

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