Old Canadian Magazines

I thought it would be interesting to make available some issues of old Canadian Magazines as they often contain some great information. As I come across magazines I'll endevour to get hold of some pdf versions and will add them here.  Should you be aware of a publication do feel free to send me their names and I'll see if I can find copies.

The Busy Man's Magazine
Founded in 1905 by Toronto journalist and entrepreneur Lt.-Col. John Bayne Maclean, a 43-year-old trade magazine publisher who purchased an advertising agency's in-house business journal, along with its 5,000-strong subscription base. The Business Magazine, was launched in October of that year as a pocket-sized digest of articles gathered from Canadian, British, and American periodicals. It sold 6,000 copies. Inside its bright blue cover, the fledgling monthly anointed itself, "the Cream of the World's magazines reproduced for Busy People." Its aim, Maclean wrote a year later, was not "merely to entertain but also to inspire its readers." It was renamed The Busy Man's Magazine in December 1905, and began soliciting original manuscripts on varied topics such as immigration, national defence, home life, women's suffrage, as well as fiction. Maclean renamed the magazine after himself in 1911, dropping the previous title as too evocative of a business magazine for what had become a general interest publication.

John Bayne Maclean was born September 26, 1862, Crieff, Canada West, Died September 25, 1950 (aged 87) Toronto, Ontario. Lieutenant Colonel John Bayne Maclean was a Canadian publisher. He founded Maclean's Magazine, the Financial Post and the Maclean Publishing Company, later known as Maclean-Hunter. He was born in Crieff, Ontario (near Guelph). Maclean's father, Andrew Maclean, was a Presbyterian minister in Puslinch Township who had immigrated to Canada from Scotland. Maclean worked as a teacher and financial editor of the Toronto Mail before entering publishing with his brother Hugh Cameron Maclean by founding Canadian Grocer & Storekeeper's Newspaper in 1887. In 1905 he founded The Business Magazine which became "The Busy Man's Magazine" before changing its name to Maclean's Magazine in 1911. He founded the Financial Post in 1907, the Farmer's Magazine in 1910, Mayfair in 1927 and Chatelaine in 1928 building Canada's largest magazine empire. His military rank was earned through service with the Canadian militia, in which he was Commanding Officer of Montreal's Royal Canadian Hussars from 1898 to 1903.

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The Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature
From the Ontario Publishing Co. Ltd.

May 1899 to October 1899
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