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History of British Columbia

The Ultimate Guide to British Columbia

A History of British Columbia
By R E Gosnell (1906)
Alastair's Travel Journal
I spent a couple of months based in Kimberley in the Rocky Mountains and this is the journal and pictures I took while there.
Alastair's Visit to Vancouver
I spent three days in Vancouver and here you'll find pictures I took.
City of Vancouver Archives
This is an external link to a very good resource for researchers.
Vancouver Island
The Land of Opportunity (pdf)
Work and Wages in British Columbia
An article from MacMillan's Magazine of 1906.

TIMBER! Real Lumberjacks Of Canada

The Early Days of Representative Government in British Columbia
By W. N. Sage
The History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia
Formerly New Caledonia (1660 - 1880) By the Rev. A. G. Morice (1906)
Life in the Port of Vancouver 1999
A video documentary of the Port
Scots in BC
A department of Simon Fraser University
Pacific Coast Tours
An interesting guide to tours you can take in the Canadian Rockies along with maps (pdf)
British North America
This is an article from the Edinburgh Review in which it discussed several books to do with British Columbia. While providing the article I have also provided links to download the books that are reviewed in it.

Motorhome trip in Canada - British Columbia & Alberta

Situated about fifty miles south of Golden, in the Columbia Valley, at the head of navigation of the Columbia River, at the foot of beautiful Lake Windermere, sheltered and nestled between the rugged Rockies and the wooded Selkirks. One of the most beautifully located spots in the world. (pdf)
The Indians of British Columbia
By Dr. Franz Boas
Kamloops, BC
A wee history and a couple of videos.
Four Years in British Columbia and Vancouver Island
An Account of the Forests, Rivers, Coasts, Gold Fields, and Resources for Colonisation by Commander Edward C. Mayne, E.N., F.R.G.S. (1862)
History and Folklore of the Cowichan Indians

Material Culture of the Chilcotin Athapaskans of West Central British Columbia
Collections in the Field Museum of Natural History by James W. VanStone (pdf)
The Vancouver Island Development Syndicate Limited
Of London, England
From Britain to British Columbia
By J P Sheldon (1887)
This is an interesting account and a very old scan but quite readable but you will need to zoom in on the page. (pdf)
Videos of British Columbia
Found a great wee selection of videos about BC.
A video journey around BC
Happened to find this series of 6 videos and thought it would make an interesting introduction.

Darkwoods - Canada's Hidden Nature Reserve
Half a century ago the German Duke Carl von Württemberg purchased a 55.000-hectare parcel of land in the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. He baptized his holdings after his native Black Forest, "Darkwoods", and managed the forests in the lonely region sustainably. Until today the barely accessible mountain ranges are home to rare mountain caribou, grizzly bears, endangered bats, wolves and unique birds. Just a few years ago, the area returned to Canadian ownership – bought by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). They want to preserve Darkwoods with its unique flora and fauna, but also want it to be a showcase region of Canada. They get help from Gerry the Stream Keeper, Cory the bat researcher, Adrian the botanist and Leo the caribou scientist. The film takes the viewer into the nearly impassable Darkwoods with its ecosystems of old growth valleys and alpine meadows, and shows its unrivaled nature through the seasons of a year – a wonderful part of Canada, now preserved forever.

Fruit Ranching in British Columbia
An interesting book on a family emigrating from the UK with the intention of building a Fruit Ranch in BC. (pdf)
The Year Book of British Columbia
The Year book of 1903 (pdf)
Eco-Challenge British Columbia
A 3 part video of this event
A short video of an 88 year old woman
The Water Dwellers
This short documentary introduces us to a town where no one pays rent.
Treasure of the Forest
This archival film is about the industries that draw their wealth from the raw material supplied by Canada's forests
On Canada's Frontier
Sketches of History, Sport, and Adventure and of the Indians, Missionaries, Fur Traders, and Newer Settlers of Western Canada by Julian Ralph (1892)

Discovery Waterfront Cities of the World Vancouve
A good look at Vancouver's unique planning and architecture and land uses that help make it one of higest rated cities in the world for liviability. It also has views of all sorts of Vancouver scenery and neighbourhoods. Interesting and informative even if you live here.

James Wickes Taylor
A Biographical Sketch by Theodore C. Blegen (pdf)
The Settlers of Vancouver Island
A Story for Emigrants by Rev. W. G. H. Ellison
The City of Nelson
The Metropolis of the Far Famed Mineral District of Kootenay (pdf)
The New Garden of Canada
By Pack-Horse and Canoe through Undeveloped New British Columbia By F. A. Talbot (1912) (pdf)
Ideological Migration and War Resistance in British Columbia’s West Kootenays
An Analysis of Counterculture Politics and Community Networks among Doukhobor, Quaker, and American Migrants during the Vietnam War Era by Kathleen Rodgers and Darcy Ingram (pdf)
Community Heritage Context Study - Kootenay Lake
Electoral Area D (2008) (pdf)
Alternative Schools in British Columbia, 1960-1975
By Harley Steven Rothstein (1999) (pdf)

Discovering Secret Canada: Rainforests, Volcanoes, And Caves | Uncharted Canada Compilation
From caves to volcanoes to rainforests, Canada’s landscape is vast and varying. Jamie and Francois begin by exploring the link that link that exists between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal rainforests of British Columbia. A single species, salmon, serves as the connector between these two habitats. The team then visits the volcanic plateau of Mount Edziza in British Columbia, hiking Black Tusk Mountain, and flying over Mount Garibaldi before finally finishing with a speleology expedition to discover the hidden secrets directly under our feet in the secret underground world of caves.

Re-settlement and Cultivation of Land in British Columbia
An Address delivered before St. John's Literary Society, Vancouver, British Columbia on January 12th, 1915 by William Sinclair (pdf)
B. C. 1887
A Ramble in British Columbia by J. A. Lees and W. J. Clutterbuck (new edition) (1892) (pdf)
Correspondence respecting the North-West Territory and British Columbia
To an Address of the House of Commons, dated 17th March, 1868; for Copy of all Correspondence had with the Government respecting the North-West Territory, including British Columbia, since the 5th December, 1867. By Command. Hector L. Langevin, Secretary of State. (pdf)
A Short History of Kelowna and its Surroundings
In the Province if British Columbia, Dominion of Canada by the Agriculture and Trades Association of Okanagan Mission Valley (1898) (pdf)

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