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Nova Scotia Historical Society
Reports and Collections

In presenting the public with the first volume of the collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society no apology will be necessary. The objects of an organization of this kind are so varied and difficult of attainment that it is only after years of united action that we can expect to reach even an average position. Some of the great societies of the United States have been in operation nearly a century, yet no doubt they are still far below their own ideal. Few persons except those who have made the attempt are aware of the difficulties which beset the early years of an organization of this kind. Interesting, not to say learned publications, are only the products of minds thoroughly trained and enthusiastic in historical and antiquarian pursuits, and more than that, work of this kind can only be done in the blaze of the light of great collections of books, pamphlets, manuscript, c., bearing on the subject under examination. When it is understood that no attempt, of a public nature has yet been made in Nova Scotia, except that of the Historical Society, to get together such a collection, it will be seen why the present volume is so imperfect. However, we hope to accomplish what we have undertaken, and to rouse up a deep interest in the singularly rich and romantic history of Acadia. To do this it will be necessary that all should assist; some with labor, others with funds, all with means as they are able. So far the society has nothing to complain of but much to be thankful for, and the history of the first year of its existence would seem to augur that future publications will be more worthy of public confidence and support.


1. Manuscript statements and narratives of pioneer settlers, old letters and journals relative to the early history and settlement of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, and the war of 1776 and 1812 ; biographical notes of our pioneers and of eminent citizens deceased, and facts illustrative of our Indian tribes, their history, characteristics, sketches of their prominent chiefs, orators and warriors, together with contributions of Indian implements, dress, ornaments and curiosities.

2. Diaries, narratives and documents relative to the Loyalists, their expulsion from the old colonies and their settlement in the Maritime Provinces.

3. Files of newspapers, books, pamphlets, college catalogues, minutes of ecclesiastical conventions, associations, conferences and synods, and all other publications relating to this Province, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

4. Drawings and descriptions of our ancient mounds and fortifications, their size, representation and locality.

5. Information respecting articles of Pre-Historic Antiquities especially implements of copper, stone, or ancient coin or other curiosities found in any of the Maritime Provinces, together with the locality and condition of their discovery. The contribution of all such articles to the cabinet of the society is most earnestly desired.

6. Indian geographical names of streams and localities with their signification and all information generally, respecting the condition, language and history of the Micmac, Malicetes and Bethucks.

7. Books of all kinds, especially such as relate to Canadian history, travels, and biography in general, and Lower Canada, or Quebec in particular, family genealogies, old magazines, pamphlets, files of newspapers, maps, historical manuscripts, autographs of distinguished persons, coins, medals, paintings, portraits, statuary and engravings.

8. We solicit from Historical Societies and other learned bodies that interchange of books and other materials by which the usefulness of institutions of this nature is so essentially enhanced, pledging ourselves to repay such contributions by acts in kind to the best of our ability.

9. The Society particularly begs the favor and compliments of authors and publishers, to present with their autographs copies of their respective works for its library.

10. Editors and publishers of newspapers, magazines, and reviews will confer a lasting favor on the Society, by contributing their publications regularly for its library where they may be expected to be found always on file and carefully preserved. We aim to obtain and preserve for those who shall come after us a perfect copy of every book, pamphlet, or paper ever printed in or about Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

11. Nova Scotians residing abroad have it in their power to render their native province great service by making donations to our library of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, &c. bearing on any of the Provinces of the Dominion, or Newfoundland. To the relatives, descendents, &c., of our colonial governors, we especially appeal on behalf of our society for all papers, books, pamphlets, letters, &c., which may throw light on the istory of any of the Provinces of the Dominion.


Volume I 1878
Inaugural Address, History of St Paul's Church, Journal of Colonel Nicholson at the Capture of Annapolis 1710, Trials for Treason 1776-7, Diary of John Thomas.
Volume II 1879
Act of Amalgamation, &c., Proposals for attack on Nova Scotia in 1776-7, The First Council, Journal of Witherspoon, History of St. Paul's Church, Memoir of the Rev. James Murdoch, Memoir of Sir Alexander Croke, Papers relating to the Acadian French.
Volume III 1882-3
History of St. Paul's Church, Winslow's Journal of the Expulsion of the Acadians in 1755-71, Government House, by Hon. A. G. Archibald, Lieut.-Governor.
Volume IV 1884
Biographical Sketch of Hon. Samuel Vetch, Journal of Colonel John Winslow, The Province Building.
Volume V 1886/87
The Expulsion of the Arcadian Parts 1 & 2, Gordon's Journal of Siege of Louisbourg, 1758, Papers read before Society since its Inception (showing those published)
Volume VI 1887/88
The Acadian Boundary Disputes and the Ashburton Treaty, The Loyalists at Shelburne, Early Journalism in Nova Scotia, Kings College and Episcopate in Nova Scotia, Notes on the Early History of St. George's Church, Halifax
Volume VII 1889/91
Vinland, Notes on Census of 1767, Early History of St. George's Church (Part 2.), Papers relating to Early History of Church of England in Nova Scotia, Deportation of Negroes from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone.
Volume VIII 1892/94
History of Halifax City
Volume IX 1893/95
The Voyages and Discoveries of the Cabots, A Chapter in the History of the Township of Onslow, N. S., Richard John Uniacke, Ships of War Lost on the Coast of Nova Scotia and Sable Island during the Eighteenth Century, Louisbourg: An Historical Sketch.
Volume X 1896/98
The Slave in Canada
Volume XI 1899/1900
The War of 1812.
Volume XIV 1910
Fisheries of British North America, etc. By Judge Wallace Graham, Memoir of Governor John Parr; with portrait and hatchment By Jas. S. Macdonald, Halifax and the Capture of St. Pierre in 1793. By Rev. T. Watson Smith, D. D., DeMonts Tercentenary at Annapolis 1604-1904. By Judge Longley.
Volume XVI 1912
Papers, Memoir Lieut. Governor Michael Francklin, 1752-1782, with portraits, by James S. Macdonald. The Trent Affair with portraits, by George Johnson, D. C. L., James William Johnston, First Premier of Nova Scotia under Responsible Government, with portrait, by John V. Payzant, M. A., Notes Historical and Otherwise of the Northern District of Queens County, by R. R. McLeod, M. A., History of St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, N. S., with portraits, by Prof. Walter Murray, M. A., LL. D., Early Reminiscenes of Halifax, with portraits, by Peter Lynch, Q. C., Papers read before the Society, 1878-1912
Volume XVII 1913
Notes of historical Tablets place at various historical places in Nova Scotia.
Papers, Memoir of the Life of the Honourable William Blowers Bliss, with portraits, by Hon. Sir Charles J. Townshend.
Notes on Thomas Williams of Annapolis Royal, with portraits, by James D. Ritchie.
A Short Note on the Yarmouth "Runic Stone," by Moses H. Nickerson with Illustrations.
Remarks on the Fletcher and Related Stones of Yarmouth, N. S., by Harry Piers.
The Fenwick Family in Nova Scotia, by Colonel G. C. Fenwick, Indian Army (retired.)
The Militia of Nova Scotia, 1749-1867, with portraits, by Major Joseph Plimson Edwards.
Early Reminiscenes of Halifax, by Peter Lynch,Q. C.
"A Sketch of Lawrence O'Connor Doyle, a Member of the House of Assembly in the Thirties and Forties," with portraits, by George Mullane.
Notes on Several Governors and Their Influence, by Joseph Howe.
Statement Relative to the Introduction and History of Responsible Government in Nova Scotia, by Rev. E. M. Saunders, D. D.
Centennial Number of "Acadian Recorder," with portraits.
Volume XVIII 1914
Wolfe's Men and Nova Scotia, by Beckles Wilson
Jonathan Belcher, First Chief Justice of Nova Scotia by Sir Charles Townshend, D. C. L.
Dockyard Reminiscences by Charles Roche
Early Scottish Settlers in Cape Breton, by Mrs. Charles Archibald
Artists in Nova Scotia, by Harry Piers
History of Nova Scotia Postage Stamps, by Donald A. King
Volume XX 1921
Hon. Simon Bradstreet Robie, a Biography, by Israel Longworth, The Privateers of Nova Scotia by George Mullane, Life of Sir John Wentworth, Governor of Nova Scotia by Sir Adams Archibald, Halifax Currency by Horace A . Flemming, The Honourable James McDonald
by Sir Chas, J, Townshend, Sources of Canadian History, with special reference to Nova Scotia by J. Plimsoll Edwards

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