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British Columbia, Canada
21st May 2004

Well this is what I would call a right mixter maxter of a day with all kind of places visited and lots of folk to meet. So without further ado here is what I got up to today...

This is where I was interviewed by Carolyn for the Daily Bulletin which I believe will come out on around the 26th of the month and so if I get to see it will scan it in for you to read.

Next visit was to the local library and the local museum....

You access both from the same door

As the museum wasn't open until 1pm I decided to do the library first... not that I had any options mind you :-)

At last... some decent photos of mountain goats :-)

And they also have Internet access terminals and past that a reading area where you can catch up with the local papers

And just so you know when they are open here are the opening times :-)

And so now it was time to find other things to do while waiting for the museum to open and a fine old time I was to have as well :-)

I first re-visited the Arts and Crafts shop where I was kindly given permission to put up a couple of tracks from Adi the "Yodelling Woodcarver" of his accordian music which he composed himself so just click on the list below to have a wee listen

Glacier Yodel (A. Unterberger, K. Mettel)
B. C. Yodel (A. Unterberger, K. Mettel)

Looking for some photo opportunities I found a nice wee eco friendly woodshop and a couple of chaps fixing new seating benches for folk to have a wee rest.

I was then heading down the road when I spotted Rocky and figured this was a good opportunity to take a photo of him outside his shop.  It was then things got interesting...

Inside the shop I was introduced to Tegan and Steve Boua who run their own very interesting Bed and Breakfast establishment which as you'll find out is a bit more than a B & B :-)

This is what it looks like on the way up the road and then here is the front door

First they took me down the side of the house where you can see outside seating and BBQ pits and as always in Kimberley a Hot Tub!

They also have their own (and here I may well make a spelling error) Botcha rink?

And further down you can throw horse shoes! The picture on the right just shows that over the road there is an ice skating rink and they also apparently play dry ice hockey as well

And then it was into the house where you find the kitchen and then through to the Internet terminal which is configured for broadband access

You can feed an army here!

A great living room with a full entertainment centre and the first of the many bedrooms. I should say that the house was occupied at the time of the visit but the occupents were out for the day which is why I was able to get a guided tour of the establishment

Plenty of cupboard space for bulky ski clothes

And then it was downstairs where more surprises awaited :-)

More kitchen space

A sauna!

Dart boards and large screen TV... but wait... there's more...

Well yes of course washing facilities but look.. your very own gym to keep you fit!

And out in the garage is all the equipment you'll need to keep your skis in excellent shape

Note here that Steve has been training the Australian disabled ski team for a number of years and used to spend some 4 months in Australia each year.  Today he tend to just stay in Kimberley but the team usually bunk with him each year when they come over.  And that is why all that equipment is here as it's a Skier's paradise!  They normally book 8 or more people at a time and they charge around $45 (Canadian) a night per head although prices will vary depending on season, etc. You can visit their wev site at and email them at

And outside the house across the road is the skating rink which is also why you see the skates in the garage above

Tegan asked if I had seen the gardens in town and when I said I hadn't she got Steve to drive us over there as it was on the way back to town and so the adventure continued :-)

And so here we were at the Cominco Gardens

And what's that Tegan is pointing at? Ah!  A wee squirrel :-)

Of course it is not yet the season but this is surely a very pleasant place to spend some time. I'm told there are a lot of wedding photos taken and it sure makes an excellent setting

The book on the left is a must have as it will provide excellent information on all the places to see and things to do in the area such as Hot Lakes, River Rafting, where best to Hunt and Fish and loads more plus great maps of the area

Steve and Tegan dropped me off back in town but took time to show me the Mountains & Co. shop where you can purchase an excellent books and magazine which will tell you all the places to go for fishing and hunting and the pictures above show you what you can find in the shop. And so my many thanks to both for giving me a most interesting couple of hours of their time :-)

Now as there was still much to see and do I figure I'd better split this report into two sections so
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