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British Columbia, Canada
21st May 2004

And now we continue with the rest of my day...

Just happened to pass Paul's place on the way to the museum when his Dad was visiting and of course as he's from Scotland I just had to take a group photograph :-)

First thing was to get photos of a couple of members of staff :-)

And at last!  A bear!  Albeit it a stuffed one :-)

Sure dressed classy in these days!

They have a kind of storyboard, just like a giant book, which you can read through to meet some of the local personalities and learn about the history of Kimberley

Ah! Another member of staff... a wee bit reluctant to have her photo taken but of course my natural charm persuaded her albeit is a little reluctantly :-)

And at last a picture of a Mountie albeit from a magazine.  Actually while I've been here I've had to  of the local mebers of the RCMP promise to drop down in their formal uniform to have their pictures taken but neither has yet to appear but there is still time fellas!!!

Hey... I did stick my pin in the map!

I must say that the museum staff were very friendly and helpful and had such a large store of information that you could have cheerfully listened to them all day long.  However time was marching on and time to get back to the house to get all these pictures onto the site.  But... adventures were not yet over...

Just had to take a picture of Julia working and Paul's Dad doing some gardening :-)

And if it wasn't for this nice young lady you wouldn't be seeing all these pictures as this is where I come to buy a gross of batteries every week.. or at least is seems like it. So if like me you visit Kimberley and need batteries for your camera then this is the place to come :-)

And for those of you with a Hunting and Fishing tendancy this is the place you need to visit to get your Hunting and Fishing licences. They also supply a Fishing brochure which explains the rules and regultations as well as telling you about all the best places to fish and what fish you can catch. Of course that wouldn't be any good to myself as I only caught one fish in my life and that was a three inch trout and it even died while I was struggling to get it off the hook throw it back!

And while you are there you might meet Randee Keiver on the left

Or indeed Karen Wagar who was wondering if I had permission to take their photographs!  But when I explained what I was doing they graciously allowed me to keep them :-)

I was a bit cheeky and popped into the City Hall to ask for the Mayor but I had been told he's a Scot so thought if he was in he might pose for a photo... but as he wasn't in I didn't see why I should leave empty handed so got a picture of the Canadian Arms :-)

And as a final photo of the day I thought I'd take this one of the hundred steps you need to climb to get up to Donald's High School :-)

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