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Industrial Canada
Official publication of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association

I came across this publication and providing here the first 15 volumes from 1900 for you to read here.  There are other copies on the Internet Archive.

Volume 1 - 1900
Volume 2 - 1901
The Woollen Industry in Canada
By Watson Griffin reprinted from "Industrial Canada"
Volume 3 - 1902
Volume 4 - 1903
Volume 5 - 1904
Volume 6 - 1905
Volume 7 - 1906
Volume 8 - 1907
Volume 9 - 1908
Volume 10 - 1909
Volume 11 - 1910
Volume 12 - 1911
Volume 13 - 1912
Volume 14 - 1913
Volume 15 - 1914

Transactions of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers
The first general meeting for the organization of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers was held iu the Harbour Commissioners Building, Montreal, on Thursday, February the 24th, 1887.

Transactions 1887
Transactions 1919
Montreal Tunnel From an Economic Point of View - Remarks regarding Rural Roads - Doubly Reinforced Beans
Transactions 1920
The Future of Applied Science, An Instrument for Measurement of Rail Wear, Recent Experiments with Straw-Gas
Transactions 1922
Imperial Oil Ltd., Coal Handling Plant at Sarnia
Transactions 1923

Electric Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Steel, Power Factor, The Inspection of Ferrous Materials, Discussion on Canada's Fuel Problem, The Design and Economics of City Refuse Destructors, Electricity for Heating Buildings, The Principles of Three-wire Distribution for Electric Railways, Electrons, Atoms and the Ether, etc.
Transactions 1924

Eminent Railway Builders, The Banff-Windermere Highway, The St. Lawrence River Problem, The cost of Hydro-Electric Power, Civil Aviation, Insulation and Heating possibilities in Buildings, etc.
Transactions 1925

Alberta Tar Sands, Ceramics, Economic Aspects of the Dye Industry, Engineering Achievements in Canada, Hudson Bay Route, Ontario Forestry, Prospecting, Telephone Engineering, Triumphs in Bridge Building, Yukon of '97 and Now.
Transactions 1926

Artificial Silk, Diesel Engines, Economic and Engineering Situation in Canada, Industrial Development in Saskatchewan, Mining Operations in Northwestern Quebec, Modern Views on Matter, Energy and Radiation, Arc Welded Structural Steel, Bell Telephone Company of Canada, Canadian Engineering Standards Association, Education and the Engineer, Obituaries, War Memorials, etc.
Transactions 1927

Early History and Development of the Nickel Industry, Concrete Construction, Flanges and Fittings, Forests of Quebec, Hydro-Electric Power Development, Obituaries, Manufacture of Sulphite Pulp, Mining Industry of Northern Ontario, Problem of the Young Engineer, Rainfall and Run-off, Spray Water Power Project in Alberta, Wood Consuming Industries of Canada.
Transactions 1928

Aeronautical Research Committee, Aeroplane Flight, Anticosti Island, Bridge River Project, Centenary of The Institution of Civil Engineers, Construction of Isle Maligne, Preservation of Douglas Fir, Forest Conservation in British Columbia, Heating of Rack-Bars in Hydro-Electric Plants, Oil Washing, Obituaries, Portland Cement Mortars, St. Lawrence River Project, Sewer of the City of Montreal, Steel Building Design, Union Station, Toronto, Welland Ship Canal, etc.
Transactions 1930

Address of the Retiring President, Brig.-Gen. C. H. Mitchell, Aerial Surveying as Applied to Engineering Problems, Airships, Aviation in Canada, Biography, Sir Sandford Fleming, "Buy Canadian Products" Campaign, Development of Radio in Canada, Obituaries, etc.
Transactions 1931
Air Transportation, Arc Welding in Steel Fabrication, Artificial Refrigeration, Canadian National Exhibition, Concrete on Steep Slopes Without Forms, Corrosion of Metals, Obituries, Stringing Tensions for Transmission Lines and Cables, Telegraph—-Yesterday and To-day, Water Supply and Sewage Treatment, etc.
Transactions 1932

Air-Cooled Engines, Engineering Education in Canada, Central Heating System of the City of Winnipeg, Chemical Industry, Coal Mining and Distribution, Dredging, Ducts, Early Surveys of Essex County, Evolution of Lighthouses, Field Gun Manufacture, Glass Making, Hydro-Electric Power, Industrial Engineering, Institute's War Memorial, Locomotive Design, National Broadcasting Plan for Canada, Niagara Falls, Obituaries, Oil Circuit Breakers, Our Coal Supply, Publications of Other Engineering Societies, Telephone Engineering, Transportation, Vehicle and the Road, Welded Construction, etc.
Transactions 1933

Aerial Mapping Photographs, Agriculture Mechanization, Aviation To-dav, Bakelite Industry, Buildings of the Future, The Dominion's Relief Work, Coinage Methods, Cements in Canada, Concrete Mixtures, Defects in Steel Rails, Electrical Generation, Foundations in Clay, Trans-Canada Highway, Hudson Bay Project, Hydro-Electric Developments, Lighting the Welland Ship Canal, Magnesian Carbonates, Materials of Construction, Obituaries, Ontario Highways and Byways, Power Distribution, Preservative Treatment, Radium, Town Planning Scheme for Saint John, Water Powers of the World, etc.
Transactions 1934

Alaska-United States Highway Project, Architects, Bridges, Canadian Industrial Development, Civil Engineering, Columbia River in Canada, Fraser River and Vancouver Harbours, Great Bear Lake District, National Parks of Canada, Northern Ontario Iron Ores, Obituaries, Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting, Passenger Trains, Radio, Reflecting Telescope, Soil Heating, Stiffened Circular Tubes, Television and the Sending of Pictures by Wire, Welding and Cutting, Water Purification, etc.
Transactions 1935

Aeroplanes, Arc Welding, Bridges, Broadcasting, Chemical Engineering, Concrete, Design, Electric Heating, Energy, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Fuels, Gears, Design and Application, Heavy Forgings, Hydro-Electric Power, Kelvin Medal, Laws of a Mass of Clay Under Pressure, Metallurgy, Nickel Industry, Obituaries, Sewage Treatment, Steam, Structural Engineering, Surveying, Talking with Swiss Engineers, Timber, Transportation, Water Conservation, Weather Forecasting, Welding Methods, etc.
Transactions 1936

World's Airway System, Anthracite Screenings, Blast Furnace Process, Cabinet Minister and Engineers, Design and Economics of the Small Industrial Steam Power Plant, Highway Obsolescence, Robert Wentworth Macintyre Obituary, Newsprint at High Speeds, Obituaries, Pavement Construction Methods, Roads, Saint John Harbour, Scope of Chemical Engineering, Transformers, Vancouver's Fiftieth Birthday, Water Supply and Flood Prevention, etc.
Transactions 1937

Advances in Electric Welding, Air Conditioning in a Northern Climate, Beet Sugar Factory at Picture Butte, Bridge Building, Chemical Engineering, Coal, Development of Radio Communication in the Bush, Fifty Years of Canadian Achievement in Engineering and Industry , Freight Hauling, Geology, Industrial Chemistry, Investigation of Canadian Coals, Irrigation Engineering, Locomotive, Motive Power, Obituaries, Notable Figures in The Institute's Past, Power Developments, Speech and Music and their Relation to Transmission Problems, Story of The Engineering Institute of Canada, 1887-1937, Waterways Development, etc.
Transactions 1938

Abstracts of Current Literature, Aggregates at Edmonton, Agricultural Drainage, Agriculture and Engineering, Air Transportation, American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Conference at Toronto, Aviation Radio, Building Code for Canada, Canada Department of National Defence, Canadian Air Transportation, Correspondence, Drainage, The Saskatchewan Agreement, Saskatchewan Takes the Lead, Electrical Service, Engineering, Flood Control, Franklin Memorial, Gas Industry in Canada, Geology of Northern Ontario, Grand River Basins in Ontario, The Importance of Research and Development, International Engineering Congress Glasgow, Northern Wilds, Obituaries, Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Machines, Parking Survey in the Capital City, Power Plants, Railways, Refrigeration and Cold Storage, Safety in Industry, Self Preservation in the Northern Wilds, Ship Construction, Surface Run-Off, Industrial Preparedness in Canada for War, Water Conservation, World Power Conference, etc.
Transactions 1939

British-American Engineering Congress at New York, Canadian Nickel, Construction Methods and Equipment, Development of Meteorological Science, Ecole Polytechnique, Electricity in Canada, The Engineering Journal, Fundamentals of Pile Foundations, Imperial Airwavs Flying Boat, Instrumental Aids to Photogrammetry, The Manufacture of Wire for Use in Wire Ropes, Military Engineer and Canadian Defence, Navigation, Obituaries, Radio Broadcasts, Research in the Evolution of the Automobile, Ship Construction, Water for the Prairie Grassland, etc.
Transactions 1940

Air Conditioning, Alaska Highway, Book Reviews, Developments in Alloys, Engineers for the Air Force, Industrial Development in Canada to Meet the War Emergency, Mineral Development North of 54°, Obituaries, Radio in Canada, Timber of Canada, War Potential of Canadian Industry, Water Supply Practice, etc.
Transactions 1941

Aerodrome Construction, Air Traffic Control, Aluminum, Boilers, Canadian Engineers and the War, Centenary of Queen's University, Chemical Processes, Engineering and Social Progress, Municipal Management and the Engineer, Obituaries, Research in Canada, Royal Air Force, St. Lawrence Project, Young Engineer in To-morrow's Democracy, etc.
Transactions 1942

Air Bombing and Structural Defence, Air Raid Precautions, Canadian Engineers in England, Elections and Transfers, Engineering as a Career, National Research Council of Canada, Polish Engineers in Canada, Obituaries, etc.
Transactions 1943

Air Transportation, Alaska Military Highway, Arc Welding, Army Regulations for Selection, Training and Rank of Technical Personnel, Australian War Production, Automotive Industry, Canadian Surveys and Maps in Peace and War, Collective Bargaining for the Engineer, Cotton Yarn, Coventry, Days Ahead, Education of Engineers, Engineering Renaissance, Engineers' Wives Associations, Forestry Problems in Reconstruction, Highways, Imperial Army, Lumber Industry, Manufacture and Construction in our National Economy, Military Engineering, National Scientific Research, Obituaries, Preservation of Niagara Falls, Public Works, Pulp and Paper, Quality Control, Radio Communications, St. Lawrence River Control, Spirit of a People, Statistical Analysis, Telephone Communications, Transformers, Wartime Traffic, Water Power Development, etc.
Transactions 1944

Air Transport, Alaska Highway Bridges, Aluminium, Architects vs Engineers, British Electrical Industry, Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Classification and Remuneration of Engineers, Collective Bargaining and the Engineer, Construction Industry in Post-War Years, Engineers in the Quebec Civil Service, Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion, Obituaries, Plastics in Engineering, Post-War Years, Railroad Equipment in Wartime, Refrigeration, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Sewer System in Quebec City, Soil Mechanics, Subway Plan for Montreal, Town Planning, When is an Engineer not an Engineer?, etc.

Now renamed The Engineering Journal

Transactions 1945
Americans Honour Canadian Engineers, Anti-Malaria Drainage in Trinidad, Atomic Bomb and Canada's Contribution to It, Atomic Power, Canada's Pulp and Paper Industry, Canadian Engineers' Contribution to Victory, Diamond Drills and Well Drills on the Raft Lake Canals, Diesel-Electrics in Industry and Transportation, Kngineer and the Community, Farm Electrification, Industrial News, Lighthouses and Depth Charges, Metallurgy and Machine Design, National Housing Administration, Obituaries, Oil, Outline of the Preliminary Steps in Community Planning, Pollution Hazards in a Water Supply System, Radar as an Aid to Air Navigation, Rural Electrification, Soil Mechanics, Steep Rock Iron Mines, Water-Wheel Generators, What is an Engineer?, etc.
Transactions 1946

Transactions 1947

Transactions 1948

Architects vs. Engineers, Asbestos Mines, Bark Removal, Campbell Fellowship, Circuit Breakers, Cold Weather Problems, Culture, Defence, Drilling, Engineering Education , Collective Bargaining, Ferry Boats, Flood Control, Fuels, Highway Transportation, Hydro-electric Power, Hydrogen Peroxide, Irrigation, Lightning, McGill University, Motor Vehicles, National Defence, Nomography, Nuclear Research, Obituaries, Oil Production, Petroleum, Prairie Water Problems, Pressure Vessels, Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, Radar, Railroad Transportation, Rockets, Rotary Drilling, Safety Measures, Structural Steel, Synchrotron, Telephones, Town Planning, Trans-Canada Air Lines, Transportation , Wartime Research, Welding, Wharves, Zoning, etc.
Transactions 1949

Aeronautics, Aeroplanes, Airport Runways, Aggregates, 41berta—Natural Resources, Aluminum Bridges , Apprentices, Atomic Power, Boilers, Building , Business and Industrial Briefs, Chemistry in Canada, Coal, Consulting Engineers, Engineers, Erosion, Highways, Lumbering, Mines and Mining, Mineral Resources, Obituaries, Photography, Sanitary Engineering, Water Supply, etc.
Transactions 1950

Planning the National Capital, Powder Metallurgy, The Invitation of the West, Design Development of the Avro Jetliner, Obituaries, Snare River Power Project, Report on Television, The Legal Position of the Engineer, Electrical Installations in the C. N. E. Grandstand, Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery in "Wind" class Ice-Breakers, Technical Writing, Economic Considerations in the Construction of Railways in Remote areas. etc.
Transactions 1951

Aeronautical Research Canada, Agricnltoral Engineering, Air Conditioning, Air Pollution, Atomic Bombs, Bailey Bridges, Book Reviews, Bridges, Building Design, Citizenship, Civil Defence, Cold Weather Construction, Dams, Emigration, Engineering Education, Helicopters, Hydro-Electric Plants, Industrial Relations, Irrigation, Obituaries, Pulp and Paper Research ,, Railways, Rirers: Ice Control, Ships, Soil Mechanics, Spillways , Street Traffic Control, Surveying, Trusses , Tunnels, Wasteways, etc.
Transactions 1952

The Engioneer in the Labour Force, Circuit Breaker Testing, Small Pipe System for Warm Air Heating, Slow Braking of Mine Hoists, Water is a Forest Product, A Helluva Shortage of Engineers, Obituaries, etc.
Transactions 1953
Determining Soil Moisture and Density by Nuclear Radiations, Corrosion in Industry, Seattle Highway Viaduct and Vehicular Subway, Wind Power, Obituaries, etc.
Transactions 1954

The Stabilization of Suspension Bridges, Economics of the Diesel-Electric Locomotive in Railway Service, The Engineer and Natural Resources, Technical Arrangements for the Sound and Television Broadcasts of the Coronation Ceremonies, Boiler Code, Obituaries, etc.
Transactions 1955

Polythene, its development, manufacture and use, Ore handling facilities at seven islands, An experience in teaching design, Grout curtain for a Rocky Mountain Dam foundation, The use of Aluminum in contact with other metals, Will the ice age return?, Discussion of Technical papers, Abstracts of current literature, Personals, Obituaries, News of the Branches, Library notes, Business and Industrial briefs, etc.
Transactions 1956

Transactions 1957
Transactions 1958
Transactions 1959
Transactions 1960
Transactions 1961
Transactions 1962
Transactions 1963
Five Years Development of Machine Tools in Canada
By G. C. Keith BSc. (pdf)
Some Information regarding the Gourlay Pianos
Booklet No. 4, July, 1906, Manufactured by Gourlay, Winter & Leeming, Toronto. (pdf)
Industries of Canada
Historical and Commercial Sketches, London, Owen Sound, Collingwood, Barrie, Goderich, Clinton, Seaforth, Stratford, Wiarton, Fort Elgin, Kincardine, Wingham, Teeswater, Tara, Walkerton, Etc., Etc., and environs, its prominent places and people, etc. (1800) (pdf)
Industries of Canada
City of Montreal: historical and descriptive review, leading firms and moneyed institutions by Argyll, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell (1886) (pdf)
Canada's Fertile Northland
A Glimpse of the enormous resources of part of the unexplored regions of the Dominion - Evidence heard before a select committee of the Senate of Canada during the Parliamentary Session of 1906-7, and the report based thereon, edited by Captain Ernest J. Chambers, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod (1907) (pdf)
The Mercantile Agency reference book and key [microform]:
Containing ratings of the merchants, manufacturers, and traders generally, throughout the dominion of Canada; with an appendix containing banking towns, banks, bankers, etc., collection laws of each province, etc., etc. (March, 1887) (pdf)
General Economic History of the Dominion 1867 - 1912
By Oscar D. Skelton, Professor of Political Science in the Queen's University, Kingston (1913) (pdf)

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