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Elliot Lake
Lake Shore Propertes

Lake Shore Properties sell lots of land around the various lake shores in the area where you can then build your dream home.  Today I was taken out on a boat to have a look at some of what was available.

Here is Wayne who is in charge of the operation

And here is the boat that will take us around

This is the map of Dunlop Lake and where the lots are available

These are some of the lots for sale as you'll note from the Lot Number

There are conditions to the sale of lots and as I understand it when purchased you must undertake to build a house on it within 3 years of purchase. There is a service road that will be maintained all year round at the back of the properties and hydro is laid on for each lot. I was told people have problems imagining how to build a house as all you can see are trees so they have opened some small gaps in the tree line so folk can get an idea of what the ground is like.  Was also told that there is more to buying a lot than you might think.  For example, do you want sun in the morning, evening or both. If you are older you may want a level lot instead of a steep hillside. Also you can't destroy the tree line or grown laws down to the lake front as they wish to preserve the quality of the lake.  One person told me they sent down a sample of the lake water for testing and the report came back to bottle it as it was purer than bottled water.  Of course fishermen will find fishing a real dream as these lakes are well stocked for fish.

This map gives you an idea of the gradient of each lot

Some lots are already sold and are now being prepared for building

I'm told that lots usually sell for upwards of $40,000 Canadian but are on a bid basis so may go higher than $70,000 depending on location and how much you want it.

And just to illustrate that you can fly right onto the lake if you wish

And some of the earlier lots are already populated

And so we arrive back on dry land

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