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History of the Lumber Industry of America
Chapter VI. Canada—Production and Trade

The figures on record for the Dominion of Canada regarding lumber production differ somewhat from those of the provinces added together because the Federal Parliament itself controls the timber in the several territories which have not yet reached provincehood, and also controls some of the timber in the provinces, such as that on Indian reserves. Besides, the provincial statistics take account of the timber cut on Crown lands only, that is, lands belonging to the province, while the Federal statistics take in the timber cut on private lands as well.

The following tables of production are made up from the most reliable sources' obtainable. Owing to the better equipment for taking the census in later years, the later the census the more correct it is likely to be. Thus in some cases what looks like a reduction may really be a more exact census. This must be true in some cases, since Canada’s exports were never so large as now, nor was her internal development ever before progressing at such a rapid rate, and yet production in some lines appears lessened. The world’s demand for forest products is increasing with the increase of population, and on a per capita basis as well, and Canada is one of the great available sources of supply.

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