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Facts About Canada
This list was created in 2011

  1. Neil Young
    Basically the epitome of Canadian music. Neil Young has had an illustrious career that has lasted over 40 years and is still going strong.

  2. Nickelback
    Even though Canadians tend to have a love-hate relationship with this home grown rock group, their international success can't be denied. Selling over 35 million records kind of speaks for itself.

  3. Trio of Women
    Canada has a legendary list of successful female performers. Among the best are Celien Dion, Shania Twain and Sarah McLaughlin who, combined, have sold over 320 million records.

  4. Alex Trebek
    The Sudbury Ontario native put Canada on the map by hosting the hit trivia series Jeopardy for 27 years.

  5. Arcade Fire
    Montreal's infamous indie outfit won a Grammy and a Juno this year.

  6. Alexisonfire
    These musical revolutionists formed an entirely new genre of music known as "screamo". They also spawned the internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Dallas Green (City and Colour).

  7. Jim Carrey
    Though this comedian-turned-actor currently resides in America, he is a Canadian at heart.

  8. No S#!@ Sherlock
    Ontario-born Rachel McAdams is reprising her role as the lead female character in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel.

  9. Commander Kirk
    William Shatner of Montreal, Quebec commanded the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek as a major part of his 50-years plus in front of the camera.

  10. The Hip
    Gord Downie and the boys from Kingston, Ontario have received a seemingly endless list of national and international awards that includes 14 Junos.

  11. Bieber Fever
    Stratford, Ontario's Justin Bieber cracked Time Magazine's 100 most influential people this year. He was after all the first artist in history to have seven tracks from a debut album top the charts.

  12. Guess Who
    The Guess Who is one of the biggest internationally renowned Canadian bands for hits such as "American Women" and "These Eyes".

  13. Seth Rogen
    This Canadian groomed comedian is known for his blockbuster hits like Superbart, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and The Green-Hornet.

  14. Farley Mowat
    This infamous Canadian author received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame this year.

  15. Magaret Atwood
    Emerging from our Nation's capital Margaret Atwood has become one of the most honoured authors in history.

  16. Ryan Reynolds
    Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds was recently cast as the latest star for a superhero blockbuster - The Green Lantern.

  17. Popular Video
    Blink-182's official music video for their hit "First Date" was filmed in Vancouver. It has almost 14 million views on YouTube.

  18. Rick Mercer
    This Canadian political satirist's hit TV show, Talking to American's, was the highest rated comedy special in the history of the CBC Television with 2.7 million viewers.

  19. Cirque du Soleil
    Renowned for its internationally touring performing arts show. Cirque du Soleil originated in Montreal, Quebec.

  20. Tim McFarlane
    This Canadian cartoonist is the mastermind behind the fantasy series called Spawn.

  21. Rush
    This Canadian Rock and Roll trio is known for its complex compositions, its lyrical mastership and being on the cover of issue 43 of Chill Magazine. Yeah, we went there.

  22. The Day After
    Tomorrow: Filmed in Montreal, Quebec. The Day After Tomorrow is currently history's highest grossing Hollywood film that was filmed in Canada.

  23. The Coolest Game on Earth
    Though a direct derivative of stick and ball field sports, the first game of ice hockey was played in Canada, by Canadians.

  24. Shooting Hoops
    James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891 using two peach baskets and a soccer ball.

  25. Lacrosse
    Our national summer sport is believed to have originated in Canada sometime in the 5th century.

  26. High-Five
    Five-pin bowling is a variation of regular bowling ands it is only played in Canada.

  27. Sid The Kid
    Sidney Crosby is the youngest player to ever hit 100 points in the NHL's regular season. He did so at 18 years of age.

  28. Steve Nash
    This Canadian b-baller is the first and only Canadian to ever win the NBA MVP Award. He did so twice consecutively in 2005 and 2006.

  29. Paul Henderson
    This Canadian right-winger scored the most historic goal in hockey history giving Canada the win over Russia in the 1972 Summit Series.

  30. The Great One
    Upon his retirement in 1999, Wayne Gretzky held 40 NHL Regular Season records, 15 Playoff records and six All-Star Game records. He still remains the only player to ever topple 220 points in a single season - something he did four times.

  31. Table Hockey
    Strapped for cash, Don Munro got creative in his Christmas gift giving as he turned his wife's ironing board into the first ever table hockey board.

  32. Over and Over
    CBC Producer George Retzlaff made in-game bathroom breaks easier with his creation of instant replay.

  33. Jordin Tootoo
    This tough-as-nails Nashville Predator is the first and currently only Inuit hockey player to play in the NHL.

  34. Fox 40
    on Foxcroft's pealess whistle was the first to produce stadium-quality decibels and is currently the officlal whistle of Olymics, the World Cup of Soccer, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and more.

  35. Masked Men
    Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadians was the first NHL goalie to don a mask.

  36. Donald S. Cherry
    This suit-a-day television personality has been capturing the hearts of hockey fans since his show, Coach's Corner, first aired in the early 80's.

  37. Joey Votto
    While playing first base with the Cincinnati Reds last season, Joey Votto was named to the MLB All-Star Game, was chosen as the National League MVP and was awarded both the Hank Aaron Award and the Lon Marsh Trophy.

  38. Martin Brodeur
    Martin Brodeur is the only goalie in NHL history to hit 600 wins.

  39. Adam van Koeverden
    Growing up on the lakeshore of Oakville, Ontario turned out to be extremely beneficial for Adam van Koeverden's kayyaking career, as he went on to make his country proud by winning a gold medal in the Olympics in 2004.

  40. Jarome Iginia
    This year Calgery Flames captain Jarome Iginia became only the 10th player in NHL history to score 30 goals in 10 or more consecutive seasons.

  41. Lord Stanley
    The Lord Stanley of Preston, who was the Governor General of Canada at the time, donated this legendary trophy to the NHL in 1892.

  42. The Good Ol' Hockey Game
    This famous hockey ditty was written and performed by Canadian country star, Stompin' Tom Connors.

  43. Maple Syrup
    This delicious pancake and waffle topper was originally harvested in Canada.

  44. Poutine
    This popular menu item is exclusive to Canada.. for now.

  45. Canadian Bacon
    No, not the movie. We're talking peameal bacon. This brimed and coated back bacon is a favourite Canadian addition to any meal.

  46. Butter Tarts
    The earliest known recipe for butter tarts originated in Ontario way back in 1915.

  47. Ginger Ale
    John McLaughlin, a Canadian chemist and pharmacist, is the proud creator of the world's favourite brand of ginger ale - Canada Dry.

  48. Krafty Fellow
    Canadian born James L. Kraft is famous for founding the food industry giant that we all know and love - Kraft Foods.

  49. Smoked Meat
    Montreal's internationally acclaimed smoked meat is the epitone of Canadian savoury foods.

  50. Alberta Beef
    Alberta is the largest cattle producer in Canada and the fourth largest in North America, just behind Nebraska, Kansas and Texas.

  51. Nanaimo Bars
    Mabel Jenkins of Vancouver Island submitted the recipe for these desset bars to a local women's cookbook in 1950.

  52. Beaver Tails
    In 2008 U.S. President Barack Obama came to see what these fried dough pastries were all about. Needless to say, he liked it, a lot.

  53. Easy Off
    This tough on food and grease spray originally surfaced in Regina, Saskatchewan.

  54. Apple A Day
    McIntosh apples were the find of an old Canadian farm owner named Johnny Appleseed. Just kidding, his name was John McIntosh.

  55. Canola Oil
    Canada is known for originally implementing the use of canola oil - one of the healthiest oils around because of its low saturated fat.

  56. Ketchup Chips
    Ketchup - arguably the only flavoured seasoning that makes sense on a fried potato chip - in a flavour exclusive to Canada.

  57. Fiddieheads
    The Canadian village of Tide Head, New Brunswick, bills itself as the "Fiddiehead Capital of the world."

  58. Access Bar
    Alberta-based inventor Larry Wang created the access bar - a tasty sack, designed to help people burn fat.

  59. Tim Norton's
    In Canada, our beloved Tim Horton's holds 76 percent of the market for baked goods and 67 percent of the market for coffee, while Starbucks, who commands the second highest percentage, sits at a measly 7 percent.

  60. All Nighters
    We Canadians love our video games. Recognized as a global leader in video game design and development, our gaming sector has penetrated more than $2 billion in economic activity in each of the past three years.

  61. Art Matey
    In the early 1800's pirates known as "Sly Man" opened taverns on Canadian land under a similar moniker. Today they still exist as one of Canada's most storied breweries, known for supplying beer to the likes of Al Capone during prohibition. Hmmm we wonder what brewery that could be?

  62. Roger That
    Rogers Canada currently has a total equity if over #20 billion.

  63. RBC
    The Royal Bank of Canada cracked the Forbes global list of biggest companies for its market value of $87.2 billion.

  64. Canadian Tire
    Ranked as one of Canada's largest publicly traded companies. Canadian Tire proudly employs 60,000 Canadians.

  65. American Dollar
    It was Canada's invention of green ink that is ironically used to create American currency.

  66. Shopper's Drug Mart
    With 1,148 stores scattered around the country, Shopper's is Canada's largest pharmacy chain.

  67. Air Canada
    This airline giant takes in $10 billion annually in passenger revenues.

  68. Cineplex Entertainment
    This film exhibitor is the largest in Canada and owns, leases or has a joint-venture interest in 130 theatres with 1,352 screens.

  69. The Name's Bond-ar
    Roberta Bondar of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, was the world'sfirst neurologist in outer space and Canada's first female astronaut

  70. Deuce Bigelow
    Wilfred Bigelow, a famous heart surgeon from Brandon, Manitoba, is known for inventing the pacemaker alongside fellow Canadian, John Hopps.

  71. Banting and Best
    These infamous Canadian scientists are known by Diabetes sufferers across the world for their helpful creation of isolated insulin.

  72. Dianne Croteau
    This Canadian inventor came up with the CPR dummies that are used to train people on how to properly perform the life-saving task.

  73. Analyse That
    Imants Lauks, a Canadian doctor, invented the silicon chip blood analyzer in 1986.

  74. Gas Mask
    Newfoundland born Cluny Macpherson was a famous medical doctor who came up with the original gas mask.

  75. Bombs Away
    Harold Elfont Johns was a Canadian medical physician noted for his Cobalt-80 "Bomb" - a relatively effective, cheap, fast and powerful method of destroying cancer cells.

  76. George Klein
    This 20th Century Hamiltonian designed the first electric wheelchair.

  77. Hillier & Prebus
    As post-grad-classmates, James Hillier and Arthur Prebus developed the first ever high-resolution electron microscope.

  78. Dr. Dick
    John E. Dick was an award-winning Canadian scientist who is credited with first distinguishing differences among cancer cells. His findings thrust cancer research in an all new direction.

  79. Bain of Existence
    Dr Barbara Bain drove the success rate of bone marrow transplants through the roof with her invention of the compatibility test.

  80. Germaphobe
    Harold Humphrey invented the polypump liquid dispenser to have easier access to hand soap and sanitizer.

  81. Lung Transplant
    The first successful lung transplant ever took place in Toronto, Ontario.

  82. 3TC
    Lamivudine, also known as 3TC, was created by a couple of Canadian pharmacologists. This is the most common medicine used to tret Hepatitis B and HIV.

  83. Electric Avenue
    It was a Canadian medical scientist by the name of Helmut Lucas who invented the first electric prosthetic hand.

  84. Bell
    After immigrating to Canada, Alexander Graham Bell's extensive studies in speech and sound lead him to inventing the first practical telephone. His legacy lives on via Bell Canada.

  85. Canadarm
    In over 50 NASA missions, Canada's massive mechanical arm has never malfunctioned. Taklk about an out-of-this-world invention.

  86. RIM
    Canadian telecommunications giant, Research In Motion, is best known for developing the legendary BlackBerry smartphone device.

  87. Java
    James Gosling is the Canadian software developer best known for his invention of the Java programming language.

  88. Synth
    Hugh Le Caine, a Canadian physicist and composer, used his studies in electronic sound generation to create the world's first synthesizer.

  89. Quartz Clock
    Warren Marrison, a Canadian telecommunications engineer, developed the very first quartz crystal-powered clock.

  90. Walkie-Talkie
    During the second World War, Donald Hings, a Canadian inventor, established the first set of walkie-talkies.

  91. Electric Oven
    Thomas Ahearn was a Canadian inventor and businessman who led the charge in inventing the electric oven.

  92. Batteries
    Canadian chemical engineer, Lewis Urry, invented both the alkaline and lithium batteries.

  93. Incandescence
    Henry Woodward, was a major pioneer in the production of the first incandescent light bulb.

  94. Morse Code
    Frederick Creed was a Canadian inventor who created the typewriter style device required for customizing Morse code.

  95. Fathometer
    Canadian born Reginald A. Fessenden invented the Fathometer in 1918. Today, anglers use this device under a different name - the fish finder.

  96. IMAX
    This in-your-face motion picture film format was created by the Canadian IMAX Corporation.

  97. Kodak
    Arthur Williams McCurdy, a Canadian inventor and businessman, foolishly sold his patent for portable film development to America's Eastmsn Kodak.

  98. Key Frame Animation
    A couple of Canadian scientists created key frame animation, collecting an Academy Award for their invention.

  99. Wirephoto
    William Stephenson, a Canadian soldier, created the first device capable o sending pictures via telegraph or telephone.

  100. Holmes on Homes
    Mike Holmes of Halton Hills, Ontario, is a world-renowned handyman for his hit HGTV series, Holmes on Homes.

Canadian Poutine

  1. Robertson
    Canadian industralist Peter Robertson coined the original square-socket screwdriver.

  2. Multi-Tasking
    George Cluthe showed up Peter Robertson by lightening the load of Canadian toolboxes with his handy invention known as the interchangeable screwdriver head.

  3. Paint Roller
    Imagine completing a paint job without a roller. no thanks. Manitoba from Norman Breakey made life easy with this practical tool.

  4. Nailed It!
    Allan Dove hit the nail on the head when he invented the first spiral nail.

  5. Green Garbage Bag
    Both the original green garbage bag and the modern biodegradable versions were developed in Canada by Canadians.

  6. Lawn Care
    The lawn sprinkler is a Canadian invention that was developed in 1871.

  7. Snowmobile
    Joseph Armand Bombardier, a Quebec native, is the proud inventor of the Skidoo.

  8. Blower
    Arthur Sicard made clearing the driveway of snow much easier with his creative invention of the snow blower.

  9. Kerosene
    This combustable hydrocarbon liquid was patented by Abraham Gesner of Nova Scotia. Gesner is now known as the "Father of The Petroleum Industry".

  10. Odometer
    In 1854, Samuel McKeen of Nova Scotia designed the earliest version of the odometer. His was attached to the side of a carriage and measured the miles with the turning of the wheel.

  11. The Real McCoy
    Elijah McCoy was a Canadian inventor that developed the automatic oil cup.

  12. Uno Cycle
    It was Canadian Ben Gulak that invented this electric-powered unicycle.

  13. Jetliner
    The Avro Canada C102 was the first commercial jet airliner ever produced, but the second to ever fly. The U.K.'s de Haviland DH 106 Comet beat it to the air by 13 days.

  14. All Aboard
    It was Canadian George Dorey who made it possible for trains to stop with his creation of the railway car break.

  15. Right Side of the Road
    In 1930, John D. Miller, an engineer working for the Ontario Department of Transport, thought up the idea of painting lines on roads.

  16. John Patch
    John Patch of Nova Scotia invented the first marine screw propeller.

  17. Niagara Falls
    Home to about a 2,600-foot wide stretch of waterfalls, this city is one of the major tourist attractions of the world.

  18. Buzz Off
    Canadian inventor Charles H. Coll is credited with the original creation of insect repellent.

  19. Birch Bark Canoes
    These trusty Canadian vessels have stayed afloat for centuries.

  20. CN Tower
    The tallest tower in the entire western hemisphere calls Toronto, Ontario home. It is one of Canada's most visited tourist attractions.

  21. The Rockies
    British Columbia's beautiful Rocky Mountains bring out sightseers from the four corners of the world.

  22. Jurassic Park
    The Dinosaur Provincial Park is a World Heritage Site located just outside of Calgery, Alberta and is one of the world's richest dinosaur fossil locales.

  23. The Great Lakes
    These lakes are the largest group of freshwater lakes on the entire Earth in total surface and volume.

  24. Wonderbra
    Canadians can lay claim to creating the best fashion accessory ever. The Wonderbra.

  25. Lululemon
    This infamous yoga apparel company began in Vancouver.

  26. Parasuco
    These international denim giants began making their patented jeans in Montreal, Quebec.

  27. Flying Low
    Gideon Sundback made getting in and out of your trousers a little easier with his invention of the zipper.

  28. Babe-Watch
    Pamela Anderson, former Baywatch star and current vegan activist, is a proud representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

  29. Terry Fox
    This determined cancer patient embarked on a nation-wide one-legged jog to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Today, he lives on through the globally annual Terry Fox Run.

  30. Free The Children
    This international charity and youth movement was created in 1995 by Craig Kielburger - a naive of Toronto, Ontario.

  31. Michael J. Fox
    Suffering from Parkinson's disease since 1991, this Back To The Future star basically abandoned his acting career to pursue a cure for the degenerative disorder.

  32. David Suzuki
    This Japanese Canadian is renowned around the planet for his vast activism with climate change.

  33. Standard Time
    Sir Sandford Flemming was a Canadian engineer known for proposing the worldwide standard time zones.

  34. Jolly Jumper
    This bouncy Canadian invention kept babies smiling (and barfing) for years.

  35. Assassin's Creed
    This multi-platform video game series was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The series has sold over 28 million units.

  36. It's in The Game
    EA Canada is the proud developer of the NHI series and has been producing the video game annually since 1991.

  37. Newsprint
    Nova Scotia's Charles Fenerty developed the wood pulp process for making newsprint.

  38. Plexiglas
    Polymerized Methyl Methacrylate was invented by William Chalmers in 1931.

  39. Trivial Pursuit
    This classic board game was both invented and first played in Montreal, Quebec.

  40. Foghorn Leghorn
    The first stem-powered foghorn was invented by Robert Foulis in Saint John, New Brunswick.

  41. G-Suit
    The first anti-gravity suits were developed by a team led by Wilbur R. Franks at the University of Toronto's Banting and Best Medical Institute in 1941.

  42. Safety Paint
    Neil Harpham invented the highly reflective safety paint used to illuminate the street lines at night.

  43. Retractable Carton Handle
    Canadian inventor Steve Pasjack created this nifty handle on pop, juice and beer cases today.

  44. Able Walker
    Norm Rolston helped our Grandparents get around a little easier when he patented the able walker in 1986.

  45. Canadians earn more than Americans
    In 2007 Canada had a median household income of $66,550 whereas America comes in at $52,175.

  46. Poverty comparison Canada v America
    Canada has a poverty rate of 15.5 percent against America with 18.7 percent.

  47. Life Expectancy comparison Canada v America
    Life expectancy in Canada is 81.2 years and in America 78.1 years.

  48. Health Care Expenditure comparison Canada v America
    Canada spends 10% of its GDP on Health Care whereas America spends 15.3%.

  49. Homicide Rate comparison Canada v America
    Canada's homicide rate is 1.8 per 100,000 against America at 5.5 per 100,000.

  50. Divorce Rate comparison Canada v America
    Canada has a divorce rate of 38% in 2004 against America with 44%.

  51. 1497. John Cabot, a curious Italian man sailing under the commission of England, lands in Newfoundland. This is considered the first real occurrence of organized European colonization in Canada.

  52. 1918. Canadian women were given the right to vote on a federal level. We were one of the first countries to commence the abolition of women's suffrage.

  53. 1980. O Canada becomes the official national anthem of Canada.

  54. 2013. Canada's population hits the 35 million mark.

  55. 1867. Confederation was passed and Canada officially became its own country.

  56. 2005. Same-sex marriage is legalized in Canada, making us the first country in the Americas to permit it and only the fourth on Earth.

  57. 1975. The Beaver becomes the official animal of Canada.

  58. 1917. Canada takes part and wins The Battle of Vimy Ridge. This was the first occasion that a purely Canadian Expeditionary Force participated in a war, so it's said that much of our national identity was born out of the battle.

  59. 1999. Nunavut becomes the newest Canadian territory, shaping the Canadian geographical map we know today.

  60. 1670. The Hudson's Bay Company was formed as a means of trading fur. Today, it's the oldest commercial corporation in North America and one of the oldest in the world.

  61. 1972. The Anik A-1 satellite launch put Canada on the map for being the first country to deploy a geostationary satellite that wasn't used for military communications. The Anik A-1 brought Canadians 12 nationally broadcast television channels, and allowed people in northern Canada to watch CBC for the first time.

  62. 1965. Canada adopts the red and white maple leaf as its official flag.

  63. 1896. Canada becomes home to one of the largest gold rushes ever recorded, the Klondike Gold Rush, which took place in the Yukon.

  64. 1920. Canada's most trusted law enforcement agency, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was formed.

  65. 1910. Sir Wilfred Laurier creates Canada's Navy after passing the National Service Bill.

  66. 1915. Canadian Lieutenant General John McCrae wrote the poem, In Flanders Fields. It is recognized worldwide as one of the most iconic war poems to have even been written. It is recited annually on Rememberance Day.

  67. 1785. The University of New Brunswick opens its storied doors, and becomes the oldest English-speaking university in the country.

  68. 1985. The Alberta-based Royal Tyrell Museum opened its doors, and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the gratest dinosaur museums on the planet. Today, it has over 140,000 specimens.

  69. 1964. The first Tim Hortons opens in Hamilton, Ontario.

  70. 1885. The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) drives its last spike into the earth, completing its track. Today, their track spans approximately 22,500 kilometers, and it runs throughout Canada and into the States.

  71. 1960. Prime Minister John Diefenbaker passes the Bill of Rights, giving Canadians the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, equality rights, and more.

  72. 1867. Sir John A MacDonald, a huge proponent of Confederation, becomes the first Prime Minister of Canada.

  73. 1959. Lew Urry, a Canadian chemical engineer, patented the alkaline battery under the brand Eveready Batteries. They've since changed their name to Energizer.

  74. 1910. Hailing from Baddeck, Nova Scotia, John A.D. Mcurdy becomes the first Canadian to receive a pilot's license.

  75. 1927. Canadian-born Warren Marrison invents the first quartz clock, a time-telling technology we still use today.

  76. Canada at a glance 2011
    AN interesting publication from Statistics Canada in pdf format.

  77. The Average Canadian
    A look at the average Canadian as per MacLean's Magazine in June 2012.

  78. Five thousands Facts about Canada
    1908 Edition.

  79. How others see us
    The BBC has a Canada Direct section where they are exploring Canada and the Canadians and makes a good read. [External Link]

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