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The United Empire Loyalist Settlement at Long Point, Lake Erie
Chapter XLVIII. Johnson

Many Loyalists of this name distinguished themselves in the war of American Independence. George and James Johnson served as junior officers in the Royal Regiment, New York. Sir John Johnson was Lieutenant-Colonel, and William, a captain in the King’s Loyal Regiment. Jonas Johnson was a soldier in the noted Butler’s Rangers, and another, James, a trooper in Jessup’s Brigade.

But one only of the name settled in Norfolk County, to wit, Lawrence Johnson. He had served as a corporal in Colonel Robinson’s regiment. When taken prisoner in one of the countless skirmishes of the war, Colonel Livingstone, the Commander of the American squadron, sent the prisoner to the President of Pennsylvania with the message: “Lawrence Johnson is an impudent, determined villain, undoubtedly in the service of the enemy. If you examine him, you will find him to be one of the greatest liars you have ever met.”

With such a testimonial as this, the governor was graciously pleased to entertain the unfortunate Johnson in one of the strongholds of the capital, and the loyalist remained the guest of the governor till the end of the war.

At the conclusion of hostilities, Johnson was told to leave the country, and, glad enough to be out of prison, promptly went to New Brunswick in the spring of 1784. For fifteen years he remained in that province, that is, until 1799, when he removed to Long Point.

He is described as a tall, spare man, of considerable physical strength and great powers of endurance, sharp-witted, clever with his tongue, and of remarkable power of rapid decision in emergencies. He was a “pioneer” Baptist, and one of the original members of Titus Finch’s church.

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