History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
Chapter XI - Melville and Barberton

Rear of Port Hawkesbury.

One of the pioneer settlers there was John Ballieul, from S.S.Guernsey, married to Elizabeth Bruard, a sister to the late Mrs. Alex. Bain, Port Hawkesbury, the late Mrs. Frank Blanchard, and the late Mrs. Frances MacKenzie, Surveyor, father of James W. MacKenzie, surveyor. This John Ballieul had four sons: Peter (a sea Captain) was drowned at sea; William lives three miles from Port Hawkesbury on the road to Cleveland and St. Peter's; and John and Nicholas at Melville on the same road. John has a scattered family.

Another pioneer at Melville was John MacVicar. His father, Dan MacVicar died in Greenock, Scotland. The widow married John MacDonald and came with him to the Strait of Canso. John MacVicar was then about eight years old. He lived for a time at N. W. Arm, Hastings and moved to Melville about 1855. His wife was Mary MacQuarrie, daughter of John MacQuarrie; and their children were, Rachel, Margaret, Dan, Kate, John, Sarah Ann, Christy Ann, Mary Bell. Of these Dan, Kate and Sarah Ann have passed away, and John lives on the old homestead. John MacVicar, Junior, married Ann MacIntyre, of MacIntyre Lake, who died March 25th 1916. Their children are Annie Janie (married in Toronto), Mabel Christina, John Dan, Katie Sarah, Ella Emerson, Charles Alex., Duncan Ed. Stirling.

Dan MacVicar, Son of John MacVicar, Senior, Melville, and his wife died some years ago leaving an only daughter, Margaret Maud, who was married and died leaving_ an only daughter Hilda Bertha Maud MacKinnon.

Christy Ann MacVicar married Peter MacLean of Pleasant Bay in Everett Mass. and has two sons living, John Bartlett and John Dan.

Another pioneer at Melville was Duncan MacIntyre married to Annie MacLean, who came both from Scotland and settled at MacIntyre Lake. Their children are John, Donald, Duncan, Lauchlin, Isabel. John lived at Grandance; Donald at Kempt Road; Lauchlin at Kempt Road; Duncan married Annie MacDonald of Kempt Road and had a family - Isabel, Annie, Duncan, Malcolm, Alexander (married in B. C.), Charles H. and Catherine.

West of Melville a short distance is Barberton belonging to the Hastings district. Here John MacQuarrie and his wife Sarah MacDonald with their sons, Allan and Dan, founded a home in the woods in pioneer days. This John was Ian MacIain 'Ic lain Bhain. His sons Allan and Dan survived him. Allan left two sons John A. and Dan. Dan is on the old homestead, and John A. lives alongside.

Their father and grandfather came to Cape Breton from the island of Rum, Scotland. Their uncle Dan lived on the lot of land adjoining Allan's where his son John lives today with a surviving sister.

Allan and Dan had three sisters, Mrs. Neil MacDonald, Barberton, and Mrs. Hector MacDonald, Barberton, and Mrs. Archie MacLean. This Neil MacDonald was the father of John MacDonald, Barberton, and of the late Mrs. Hector MacLean, Little Lake, Kings Road, and of the late Mrs. Magnus MacLean.

Mrs. Hector MacDonald left one daughter, Katie, who married James Perrin, Barberton.

Allan MacQuarrie had two sons, as above, and six daughters, Mary, Katie (Mrs. Stephen Reynolds, Port Hastings); Flora (Mrs. MacColl, Cleveland, C.B.); Sarah; Catherine (Mrs. Parsons, U.S. died 1920); Bella (Mrs. Brown, died in U.S.); Hector MacDonald, Barberton was a brother to Neil. These MacDonalds were from Rum, Scotland.

John A. MacQuarrie is married to Margaret MacVicar, Melville. Their son Dan J. is engineer on C.N.R. Sask., and Edward J. Conductor, C.N.R., Drummondville, Que. Their daughter Mamie is married to William Perrin and has six children at Meville. George and his sister Margaret are at home.

John MacDonald, Barberton, is married to Mary MacDonald, daughter of the late John Mac Donald, North Ainslie, Cape Breton. Their children were: Neil, Flora, Bella, Margaret, Mary Ann, John A. One daughter, Betty, died in childhood. Flora and Bella were for some years in the United States and died later at home. Mary Ann is in the United States, and Margaret is Mrs. Norman Ferguson, Kempt Road, Richmond County, N. S., and has a family. Neil died some years ago. John A. is at home with his parents.

Archibald MacDonald, who died recently at the home of his son William J. at Port Hastings, was a son of John MacDonald, North Ainslie. His wife was Catherine MacLean, daughter of Allan's son of Hector, South Cape Mabou, and their children, John H. tailor, Orangedale; Allan L. tailor, West Bay; Allan J., tailor, Port Hawkesbury; Hector M., Dentist, Greenfield, Mass; Wm. J., tailor, Port Hastings; and Mary A. and Flora S. William J., married Isabel MacDonald, Hugh's daughter, Port Hastings. Children: Augusta S., Walter A., (deceased), Alexander H. (deceased), John William, Elvira F., Harold F. Ronald H. and Catherine Isabel.


Sergeant John MacQuarrie came from Scotland in the Highland Lad, a full rigged ship in 1826, and made his home at N. W. Arm at the rear of Port Hastings. John Neil MacDonald's father and mother and grandfather, and John A. MacQuarrie's grandfather and grandmother came out on the same ship. Lauchlin MacLean came out in the Harmony in the same year.

Sergeant John MacQuarrie was married in Scotland to Rachel. Campbell, Children: Donald, Malcolm, Mary Allan, Christina, Donald and John.

Of these, the first Donald became a cooper and was known as Donald, the cooper. His wife was Margaret MacKinnon of Malagawatch. Children: John Duncan, Mary, Rachel, Allan.

Of these, John married Isabel MacLean daughter of Hector MacLean, Troy. Children: Hector Dan (on the old homestead); Daniel John, and Mary Ann (Mrs. Burgess), Duncan, son of Donald, the cooper, married Isabel, daughter of John MacDonald, North Ainslie.. Children: Christina (Mrs. J. H. MacKinnon, Crandall Road), John William (killed in Seattle), Dan, Murdo, William (drowned), John. Allan (died young).

Mary, daughter of Donald, the cooper, married Donald MacKay, St. George's Channel, West Bay.

Children living: John and Henry, in Boston; Alex. at St. George's channel; Dan at Points, West Bay; Mrs. Dan Calder, Marshes, West Bay. Another daughter was Mrs. Kenneth MacDonald, Crandall Road, who died recently.

Rachel, daughter of Donald, the Cooper, was married to John MacLean in the United States. Allan died in the United States leaving three sons.

Malcolm MacQuarrie, Sergeant's son, married Margaret MacLean Sugar Camp, daughter of John MacLean, (John Og) Children: Rachel, Mary, Allan, Maggie, Annie, Sarah. Of these, Rachel, Mary and Sarah died unmarried. Annie (Mrs. Logan, New Glasgow) and Maggie, who also married, had families.

Allan married Flora Blue of River Denys. Children: Thomas M., Catherine M., Dougald D., Margaret, John Hugh, William Gordon Forbes, Kenneth J., Allan Dan, Sadie Margaret.

Of these John Hugh is married in the United States, and so is Catherine M. Kenneth J. is married in Halifax. Gordon gave his life for his country in France in the Great War, Nov. 8th, 1918.

Allan MacQuarrie, Sergeant's son, married Mary MacKinnon, Queensville, daughter of Lauchlin MacKinnon, Children: Rachel, Dan, Angus, John, Charles, Kate and Lauchlin. Rachel and John died unmarried.

Dan married Margaret MacLean, daughter of John, Sugar Camp; and has six children in Glace Bay.

Angus had a family in New Canada, and Charles in Glace Bay.

Kate married John MacQuarrie, Lake Horton. Children: Ebenezer Hector James and Mary Jessie.

Lauchlin is on the old homestead unmarried.

Donald MacQuarrie, the second Donald of John Sergeant's family, married Margaret MacMillan, daughter of Alexander, Kempt, Road. Children: Rachel, Mary Ann, John C., Allan J., Alex., Jane, Katie Ann, and Christina.

Of these Rachel, Mary Ann and Alex died unmarried.

John C. married Marjory Cameron, daughter of Alex. C. Lexington. Children: Alexander C.C., Donald John and Annie Margaret.

Allan J., Donald's son, is on the old homestead. Jane married Neil MacQuarrie, Rector's son, South Rhodena. Children: John Murdo, Margaret M., Catherine S., Lizzie C., Don Allan and Fergus.

Katie Ann (Mrs. Hector MacQuarrie) died. Christina M. married Angus MacGregor, North Ainslie.

John MacQuarrie, Sergeant's son, married Mary MacLean, Mount Young. Children: John G. on the old homestead, Annie Bell (deceased) and John A.

John A. MacQuarrie married Flora, daughter of John MacGregor, North Ainslie. Children: John Dan, Angus Dan, Annie Bell, Sarah Effie, Lauchlin Hugh.

Among the early pioneers was Neil MacQuarrie son of Hector MacQuarrie, Isle of Rum, Scotland. Neil had four sons and one daughter whose descendants are still well known. Those were Donald, Elector, James John and Mary. Mary married John MacKinnon, Crandall Road of whom mention is made on another page.

Donald married Catherine MacQuarrie, Isle of Rum. Children Neil, Flora (Mrs. John MacColl, Kingsville, C. B.), Mary (Mrs. Murdoch MacKenzie, Marble Mt.); Jessie (Mrs. Capt. Murdoch MacLennan, B.C.), Sarah (Mrs. Clough MacKeen ), and Maggie (Mrs. Allan MacLennan B.C.).

Neil married Isabel MacColl, Kingsville, C. B. Children: Margaret (Mrs. Daniel MacLennan, Barrister, Port Hood, C.B.); Katie (Mrs. Harry Millard California). Children: Elwin and Laura Bell); Laura Bell (in Seattle); Mary Jane (Mrs. Christie); Jessie (Mrs. Joshua Black); John married Jennie Brown. Children: Isabel, Catherine and Neil, (California); Tena (Mrs. Theodore Wickstead, Somerville Mass.); James H., on the old homestead, married Margaret Ann, daughter of Kenneth MacDonald, Crandall Road. Children: Lincoln Theodore Jefferson, Walter Raymond, Isabel Margaret and Neil Kenneth; Elizabeth (Neil's daughter), single, California; Emma, Neil's daughter, single, Boston.

Hector MacQuarrie, son of pioneer Neil, married Ann MacKinnon sister to Donald MacKinnon, Sugar Camp. Children: Sarah (deceased); John married Kate, daughter of Allan MacQuarrie, Sergeants; on mentioned on another page; Dan lives in Gloucester, Mass.

Capt. James MacQuarrie, son of pioneer Neil, married Annie, daughter of pioneer James Duff, Melville, C. B. Children: James William, Sarah Jane, Alex. (lost at sea), Josephine (deceased), Eva and Maud. Of these, James Wm. married Mary, daughter of Hugh MacDonald, Port Hastings and has one son, Alex. Hill. Sarah Jane married a Mr. Dexter, New York, and has one son, Arthur.

Eva married David Church, N. Y. Children: Elsworth and Maud.

Maud, daughter of. Capt. James, is single in N. Y.

Mrs. Capt. James' mother was Sarah Johnston, United Empire Loyalist, Port Hawkesbury.

Pioneer Neil MacQuarrie bought 1100 acres of land, north of Hastings, from Major MacKinnon. His father, Hector MacQuarrie, pioneer, died in the older part of the house now owned and occupied by his great grandson James William MacQuarrie.

Neil MacQuarrie was married to Sarah MacInnis, Cape Mabou. Children: Donald, Hector, James, John, Allan, Lauchlin, Roderick, Mary and Flora, some of whom are mentioned on other pages.

Of these, not mentioned already, Mary married Laurence Welsh and had a large family. Descendants are now in other countries.

Flora married Allan MacQuarrie, Cape Mabou and had children. Allan married a Miss MacDonald from P.E.I. Descendants in U.S. Lauchlin married Sarah MacAskill and had one daughter, Mrs. John MacDonald, Askilton.

John MacQuarrie, son of pioneer Neil, married Annie MacAskill, River Inhabitants, and made his home about a mile North of Port Hastings. Children: Jessie, James, Roderick, Sarah, Isabel, Christina, Annie and Mary Ann.

Of these, Jessie married Edward Haraden, Manchester, Mass. Children: Annabel, Alice James, and Edward W.

James was drowned at sea.

Roderick, deceased.

Sarah married the late Capt. Solomon Jacobs, a most successful leader in the fishing industry, with headquarters in Gloucester, Mass. Children: Ethel B., Albert E., Arthur J., Alice M. The mother and children survive. Isabel married George Sargent. Children: George W. (deceased), James H., Russel W.
Christina married Hugh MacLennan, son of John, son of pioneer Hugh who came from Scotland to River Denys in 1921. Their home was in Port Hastings where Mr. MacLennan carried on business for many years. Their only daughter, Anna G. married William A. MacLean, Engineer, Port Hastings, and son of the late John MacLean, Troy, C.B. They have one son, J. Hugh.

Annie married Dan MacColl, Kingsville, in the United States. Children: Earl and Ina - all living in Iowa.

Mary A. was for many years in the United States, and passed away in 1904.

Pioneer Allan MacQuarrie came from Scotland to the Strait in 1821 and his brother Hector in 1826.

Allan had two sons John, a tailor and Lauchlin. Lauchlin was the father of Hector MacQuarrie, lately Minister at Leitches Creek.

John married Catherine MacLean d. of John, Senior, Sugar Camp and had four sons, Hector, Allan and Lauchlin, John, Dan, and five daughters. Of these, Hector married Flora MacInnis, South Cape Mabou, and had a large family at Queensville, C.B. of whom Maggie is Mrs. Cameron, West Bay; Julia, Mrs. Neil MacIntosh, Big Brook; Katie, Mrs. Charles MacInnis, Glace Bay. The rest are dead.

Allan MacQuarrie, John's son, married Julia MacInnis, South Cape Mabou. His son, John E. married Annie MacLean, Inverness.

Children: Julia Margaret, Allan John, Flora Sarah, all at South Rhodena.

Lauchlin, son of John MacQuarrie, married Hannah Fox, Port Hastings, children are named in the Fox list.

Dan, son of John, married Mary MacLean of Whycocomagh and has a family in the United States.

Mary Margaret, daughter of Allan and great-granddaughter of pioneer Allan MacQuarrie, married Kenneth MacIntosh, MacIntosh Mountain, C.B. The family moved to Inverness many years ago.

As already stated John MacQuarrie, Tailor, South Rhodena, had five daughters, Catherine, Julia, Mary Ann, Flora and Sarah.

Catherine married Malcolm MacPhail, Lake Ainslie.

Julia married James MacNeill, Orangedale. Two sons and one daughter survive: Rev. A. J. MacNeill, B.A., Wood Islands, P.E.I.; John MacNeill, Orangedale, C.B.; and Mrs. Robert Davis, Port Hawkesbury, C.B. Flora and Sarah married at Sheet Harbor. Mary Ann deceased.

Neil MacQuarrie married Sarah MacKinnon, daughter of Donald MacKinnon, Queensville, C.B. Children: Mary (deceased), Margaret, Donald. John (deceased). His father was John MacQuarrie, and his grandfather Lauchlin.

Lauchlin MacQuarrie, brother to the above Neil, married Catherine MacAskill of Lexington.

Children: John D. C. (deceased); Roderick, Lauchlin, Allan, (all deceased), Maggie (Mrs. Crosby), Mary Ann (Mrs. Jas. MacKenzie), Flora and Clara, single, and Sarah (deceased).

John D. C. married Effie MacPherson, of River Denys. Children. Catherine Sarah, Jessie Margaret, Sophia Eleanor, Allan Lauchlin, Donald Fraser. The family reside at Lexington.

John MacKinnon, Crandall Road, immigrated from, Rum, Scotland, about 1826. His wife was Mary MacQuarrie, daughter of Hector MacQuarrie, Rum, Scotland. He secured a lot of land at the top of the hill where King's Road meets the Crandall Road. There they reared a large family of sons and daughters, as follows: Margaret, Donald, Hector, Lauchlin, Sarah, Catherine, James, Ann.

Of these, Margaret married Donald MacQuarrie, Loch Ban, C.B. and left a family. Donald was an elder of the Presbyterian Church, Port Hastings and died unmarried. Hector died single. Lauchlin married Anne McLean, North Ainslie, C.B., and left a family-John H. and Charles on the old estate; Alex. near Scotsville, and a daughter Bella.

Sarah married Hector MacQuarrie. Their home was on an ad,joining farm on King's Road for many years after which the survivors made their homes in Buffalo, N.Y., viz: John, James, Hector, Dan,' Annie, Christie, Minnie. Catherine died single.

James married Isabel Cameron of St. George's Channel, West Bay, C. B. and left a large family: Hector, J., on the old place. Mary Ann, Kate Sarah, Margaret Ann, John Stewart, William Forbes, Dan James and Emma, (Mrs. John Reynolds, Port Hawkesbury).


Christopher Kennedy, Crandall Road, son of John Kennedy, River Denys, married Sarah, daughter of Donald MacPherson, Grandance, C. B. Children: Dan, John, Robert, Colin, Neil, Jessie, Robert, Christopher.

Of these, Dan married Kate, daughter of Hugh MacLean, Whycocomagh. Children: Sadie, Jessie Bell, Laura Bell, Mary Jane, Graham C., Fredina H., Dan Hugh, Katie Mary.

John, son of Christopher, married Minnie Alice Shaw of Margaree. Children: Thomas C., Sadie E., Fred J., John A., Eva Margaret, Robert A., Pearl E. J.-all in Port Hawkesbury.

Robert, son of Christopher married Maneight Muriel Thompson, whose parents came to Canada from Belfast, Ireland. Children: Reginald, John Henry, Christopher, Lyna Muriel, Harold.

Donald MacPherson's father, Farquhar, came from Scotland.

Colin, son of Christopher Kennedy, married Effie MacInnis of Englishtown, C.B., and has a family in the United States.

Jessie Bell daughter of Dan Kennedy, was recently married to Charles Gilman Campbell, South Side River Denys.

Another pioneer at North West Arm, Hastings, was John MacDonald from the Highlands of Scotland. His wife was Margaret Cameron, also from the Highlands. Like their neighbors they cleared a good farm out of the primeval forest, and left it to their children.

Their son, John, who married Jessie Johnston, Port Hastings, raised a large family on one part of it. His children were Susan, Dan, Alex. Edward, Edward, Alex. Duncan, John, Archie. There were two Edwards and two Alexanders. The first Edward died young. The first Alexander was drowned at Iceland on a fishing trip. Of these children Susan, the eldest, married John Johnson and left one daughter, Annie Bertha. Dan married Mary MacDonald, Queensville. Children: Alex. Hugh, Dan Malcolm, Jessie, Florence, James, Hughina. Home in Port Hastings. Edward married Mary Bell Graham. Children: John, Jessie, Duncan, Susan, Mary, John.

Malcolm married Catherine Graham. Children Alex. (deceased), John Joseph, Annie May, Duncan, Alex. (deceased). Home in Port Hastings.

Alex: son of John married Elizabeth Hall, who survives him in Sydney with three children, Alex. Sadie and Jessie.

Duncan and John, sons of John, died single. Archie, single.

Alexander MacDonald, son of pioneer John, married Kate MacDonald and occupied a part of the old homestead. Children: Margaret (Mrs. Strachan, Gloucester, Mass), Donald, Mary, Angus, Annie Elizabeth, Alex. John and James. Of these Donald married Jessie Cameron and lived at N. W. Arm. Children: Alex. (deceased), Duncan, Dan, Cassie (Mrs. Jack MacIntyre, Queensville). This Cassie has a large family. See MacIntyre list.

Mary, daughter of Alex. was married in the United States.

Angus married Sarah MacDonald, daughter of John MacDonald, Creignish Rear. Children: Mary, Sarah, John, Alex. Alex. married Mary MacNeil of Grand Narrows: Children James, Florence, Sadie. John died single. James unmarried.

Annie married Dan MacDonald, Princeville. Children: Cassie May, Dan and Flora. Elizabeth married Spry, near Annapolis and has three children.

Pioneer John MacDonald and his descendants were Roman Catholic in religion.

Duncan, son of Donald MacDonald and Jessie Cameron, married Mary, daughter of James MacDonald, General Line, and has a son, Dan.

Another pioneer at North West Arm was Duncan Cameron from Greenock, Scotland, a friend of John MacVicar, a pioneer from the same place. Duncan's sons Alex. and John are on the old homestead adjoining the MacDonalds.

Alexander married Mary MacVarish, Glendale. Children: Jane, Annie, Alexander and Mary Ann.

John married Mary MacDonald, Princeville, daughter of Donald MacDonald. Children: Dan H., Maggie Jane, Mary Ann.


James Duff, an early pioneer from Scotland, married Sarah Johnston, Port Hawkesbury and made his home at the rear, near MacIntyre Lake. Children: John, William, James, David, Melville, Peter, Alexander, Annie, Lydia (Mrs. Daniel Hennessey, Port Hawkesbury), Margaret (Mrs. John Ballieul, Melville, C.B.), Jane (Mrs. Capt Card), port Hawkesbury. Annie married Capt. James MacQuarrie, Port Hastings.


Alexander Chisholm, Ban, and John Chisholm, Ban, two brothers, immigrated to Antigonish County, N. S., from Strathglas, Scotland in 1801. Alexander settled at Long Point, Inverness County. John Chisholm, Red, son of Alexander, was educated in Halifax by Sir William Young, M.P.P. He afterwards taught school in different parts of Antigonish and Inverness Counties. At Long Point he started business on a small scale and later transferred it to Port Hastings where he soon became a prosperous merchant. In 1878 the Liberal party offered to take him as a candidate for parliamentary honors. This he declined, but stood loyally by the selected leaders. His business continued to thrive. As a Justice of the Peace his service was often in demand. He passed away amid general regret about 35 years ago, leaving a sorrowing widow and four children. His wife was Christina MacMillan, Alex's daughter, Port Hastings. Their children are named in the MacMillan list. Of these, Annie married William Petrie, Victoria Mines, and lives with her husband and family on the old homestead. -Children: William (deceased), John Bernard, George Leo, Hugh Francis, Matilda Marie, Robert Joseph, James Wm., and Douglas.

Neil Chisholm, son of pioneer Alexander Chisholm, Long Point, settled at Port Hastings. He was twice married, first to Jessie MacMillan already mentioned; and the second time to Sarah O'Brien of General Line. Children: Alex. N. A. Medical Doctor, Port Hawkesbury, and Catherine Jane (Mrs. David MacNeil, Glace Bay). Mrs. MacNeil's children are Margaret, Marie, David, Francis, Rose Carmel and Roderick.

The wife of pioneer Alex. Chisholm was Catherine MacQuarrie.

John B. Chisholm, Merchant, Port Hastings, son of Christopher Chisholm, Glendale, and grandson of pioneer John Chisholm, Oyster Ponds, Guysboro Co., N. S., from Scotland, perhaps from Strathglas, married Mrs. Sarah Chisholm (nee Sarah O'Brien, daughter of Donald O'Brien General Line-. Children: Daniel N. and Leo J.

The wife of Christopher Chisholm was Mary Boyd, daughter of pioneer Angus Boyd, Glendale, C. B. from Uist Scotland.


Thomas Heughan was a young man when he came to Port Hastings from Tatamagouche, N. S. and was a blacksmith and carriagebuilder. Some time afterwards he married Mary Ann Harvey. Miss Harvey's mother was born in London and was twice married, first to a Mr. Smith with whom she came to Miramichi and later to Cape Breton. Mr. Smith died at Sunnyside, Strait of Canso, leaving one son, James, who was in demand as an expert bookkeeper. After the death of Mr. Smith, his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith married a Mr. Harvey, and their daughter, Mary Ann, became the wife of Thomas Heughan, and these made their home about a mile from Port Hastings on the Hawkesbury road. Children: William Scott, Annie, Thomas,. Charlotte, Samuel, Mary Ann, James, Fenwick, Margaret Deborah, Nettie Louise, Barbara Elena.

Of these, Annie married a Mr. Reeves of Port Hawkesbury and has a family in Calgary; Harry, Jean and Wilbur.

Of these, Henry married a Miss Christie from Truro, and Jean married Walter West.-all living in Calgary.

Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Heughan, married Capt. J. W.. Reynolds, Port Hastings. The children are mentioned in the Reynolds list.

Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas Heughan, married Capt. Wm. Grant of Port Hawkesbury, who was drowned in the Fraser River, B.C., leaving six of a family: Fenwick, Thomas, Hilda, Cora, Angus and Percy. Their home is now in Vancouver where the two eldest and the daughter are in business, and the two youngest machinists.

Margaret, daughter of Thomas Heughan, was recently married to William Jackson. They live in Brookline, Mass.

William Scott, son of Thomas Heughan, married Mary Ann, daughter of John Dowling and Bessie Maclntyre, his wife. Mrs. Heughan died many years ago leaving an infant daughter, Bessie, who now lives with her father at the old Heughan home.

Thomas, Samuel and Fenwick, sons of Thomas Heughan, Sr., are dead. Eight of the family survive.

Hector Cameron, Troy,C. B., is a grandson of pioneer Hector Cameron who came to Creignish, C. B. from Invernessshire, Scotland 1817. He moved to Troy later. Pioneer Hector married Catherine MacDonald of his own neighborhood in Scotland. Children: Margaret, John, Hector, Allan, Duncan (died young), and Donald.

Of these, Margaret married Hector MacDonald, Guysboro County, and left one son, Hector.

John married Jessie daughter of Angus Beaton, lately of Mabou. Children: Catherine, Hector, Mary Ann, Charlotte, Angus, Allan, John, Dan, Ann, Murdock and Margaret.

Hector, son of John, married Sarah, daughter of Donald Cameron Mabou Ridge. She passed away four years ago leaving no family.

Dan Angus Beaton, a nephew of Hector Cameron, with wife and two children, are now living with him at Troy.

Charlotte, daughter of John Cameron, married Alex. MacDonald. Creignish, son of Donald.

Mary Ann married Donald MacIsaac, Mackdale. See MacIsaac list.

Angus, Allan, John and Dan went to Boston in 1880 and made their homes there.

Ann married Donald, son of Alex. Beaton, N. E. Mabou. Murdoch and Margaret died young.


Angus Beaton married Charlotte MacPherson in Invernessshire, Scot., and came to C. B. on the same vessel with Hector Cameron in 1817 and settled at the Strait near Long Pond (Foxes Pond).

Children: Mary, Catherine, Sarah, Ann, John, Murdoch, Donald and Angus.

Of these, Mary married Donald MacIsaac, Long Pond. Children James, Murdock, John, Don. A., Angus, Norman, Phenie, Alena. Of these, James left two sons in Gloucester, Mass.

Murdock had no family.

John married Mary, daughter of Hector MacDonald, Low Point. Children': Dan J., John Hector, Hughie, Mary, and another deceased.

Donald A., son of Donald MacIsaac, married Catherine Beaton, N. E. Mabou. Angus died young, and Norman is unmarried.

'Phemie was the first wife of Hugh MacMillan, Port Hastings.

Alena is married in Gloucester, Mass. and has two sons.

Catherine, daughter of Angus Beaton, married James MacDonald, Light House Keeper, Point Tupper. Children: Allan, Angus, Teresa, Mary. - All died young.

After the death of her husband (James MacDonald) Catherine married Duncan Gillis of Judique (deceased) and has two daughters, Mary and Kate, at Point Tupper.

Sarah, daughter of Angus Beaton, married Alexander MacDonald, Mabou. Children: Donald, Angus, Murdock, Catherine, and Margaret.

Murdoch Beaton had a son and daughter in New Orleans.


Angus MacIsaac, pioneer, married Catherine, daughter of Hugh MacMaster, Queensville, C. B. His father was Norman MacIsaac from Scotland. Angus's children: Margaret, Norman James, Hughie, John, Angus, Catherine and Mary.

Of these, Margaret married Andrew, son of Ronald MacEachern, Creignish. Her children died without families.

Norman married a Miss MacIntyre and left one son, Alexander, now in Ontario; another son, John, died some years ago: a third son, Angus, is a blacksmith in Ontario.

James son of Angus MacIsaac, is single and lives in Troy. Hughie married Catherine, daughter of Donald MacEachern.

Creignish. Children: Angus, Alex. Dan, Hughie and Kate.

John and Angus are out west. Catherine and Mary are single in the United States.


Duncan MacDonald married Jane, daughter of Angus Cameron,. Judique and made his home at Long Pond. Children: Mary, Catherine, Jessie, Jane, Isabel, Flora, John, Duncan and Dan.

Of these, Jessie married Alexander MacInnis, Judique. John married a daughter of John MacRae, Margaree, and lives at Long Pond. Children: Joseph, Duncan F., Leo, Kathleen.

A. H. MacDonald, son of Hugh MacDonald, Long Pond, and grandson of Alexander MacDonald, who immigrated to Whycocomagh from Uist, Scotland, is married to Margaret Jessie, daughter of Angus Nicholson from Long Garden, Skye, Scotland. Alex. H's mother was Sarah Welsh, Port Hastings, and his grandmother Annie MacDonald from Uist, Scotland. Mrs. A. H's mother was Catherine, daughter o Alexander MacSween, Head Lake Ainslie, C.B., the wife of Angus Nicholson.

A. H. MacDonald's children: Florence and Gladys. Gladys married Roy B. Phinney, Middleton, Annapolis Co. N.S.

Children: Audrey Margaret, Vernon MacDonald, and Florence Catherine.

Mrs. A. H. MacDonald's grandmother on the father's side was Christina Gillis, and grandfather, Donald Nicholson, Garadh Fada, Alba.

John MacLean, a pioneer from Scotland took up a lot of land at Troy in the early days. The same lot was owned and occupied later by Allan Campbell, son of pioneer John. John MacLean had four daughters: Flora, Mary, Margaret and Sarah.

Flora was the wife of John Campbell pioneer Troy. Mary married Charles MacKinnon, Ridge, now Queensville. Their children were Flora, Margaret, Katie, Ann, Sarah, Jessie, Mary, John and Allan.

Of these Mary married Allan MacQuarrie, Port Hastings, Miller Elder Colporteur, and had four sons and four daughters.-John, Abraham, Wm, Neil, Sarah, Margaret, Mary and Kate.

The surviving sons are in the United States. Sarah, the late Mrs. John Martin, Point Tupper, left three sons and a daughter: Stewart, Rufus, Benson and Mrs. Probart. Rufus is superintendent of the I.C.R Mrs. Probart lives in Stellarton and has one son. Stewart is married and lives at Point Tupper, Benson in U.S.

Sarah, daughter of Charles MacKinnon, married Allan MacKinnon, of a near farm at Queensville. Their children were: John MacKinnon (Capt.) Mrs. Whitehouse and Mrs. Martin.

Finlay MacLean (deceased), Port Hastings, son of pioneer Murdock MacLean, Big Brook, River Deny's from Skye, Scotland, married Kate MacEachern daughter of Angus MacEachern and Ann MacMaster, his wife. Angus MacEachern was a son of Donald MacEachern and Ann MacMaster his wife.

Finaly MacLean's children are Murdoch Angus, Annie Bell, Flora Ann, Angus Joseph, and Malcolm John. Finlay was a year old coming from Scotland.

Of his children, Annie Bell married John MacIver, Little Narrows, deceased. Children: Ernest and Catherine residing in Redlands, California; Murdock Angus married recently Annie Christina MacLean, daughter of John MacLean, Pleasant Bay, C. B.

William A. MacLean, Engineer, Port Hastings, son of late John MacLean, Troy, married Anna MacLennan, daughter of the late Hugh MacLennan, merchant, Port Hastings, formerly of River Denys, and has one son, J. Hugh.

George L. MacLean, merchant, Port Hastings son of John MacLean, Turner, mentioned in Laidlaw list, was twice married; first to Sarah Isabel daughter of Roderick MacKinnon, Strathlorne, C. B. Children: Roderick Hector, Sophia May, and Sarah Willena. His. second wife was Mary Catherine, daughter of Malcolm MacMillan, Big Harbor, C. B. Children: Catherine Isabel, George James, Annie Christina, Sarah Marguerite, John Malcolm (deceased), Marion Smith Dolena Olga, Jean Elizabeth.

George L's sister, Maggie, married Frank MacGregor, Gloucester, Mass., and had one son, John James. Mary Ann, another sister, married James Duff, Melville. Children: Sophia, Edith, Florence, Janie, May, John James, Lydia. Catherine, another sister, married Capt. Philip MacDonald, Gloucester, Mass. Children: John Daniel, Dermont Philip, Allan.

John James brother to G. L. was drowned at sea.

Allan, another brother, married Lena Strople, Gloucester, Mass. Children: Ralph Allan, Blanche, George Helena. John George, another brother, was married at Balmoral, C.B. No family.


John MacLean married Margaret MacQuarrie, daughter of Hector, North Ainslie: Children: John, Margaret, Flora, Catherine, Isa-bel, Sarah. Of these, John married Margaret MacArther from Broad Cove and resided at Sugar Camp. Children: Hector, John, Donald, Hugh, Allan, Margaret, Mary (single at Port Hood). Of these, Hec-tor married Elizabeth Whitman. No family.

John married Annie Blue of River Denys. Children: Hector D., Dougald D., Hugh J., Malcolm Allan;, Margaret: Donald and wife dead. Children: Willie and Gracie in Lawrence,. Mass. Hugh married Catherine, daughter of Thomas Cameron, LakeHorton. No family; lives on the old homestead.

Allan married Christina, daughter of Donald MacKinnon, Sugar Camp, and left one daughter, Annie, who lives now with her uncle, Hugh, Margaret married Donald, son of Allan MacQuarrie, Sergeant's son, and has a large family in Glace Bay.


Lauchlin MacLean, General Line, was married to Catherine MacQuarrie of Cape Mabou. Children: Malcolm, John, Murdock (drowned), Kate, Mary and Flora (deceased).

Of these, Malcolm was married to Margaret MacKinnon, West Lake Ainslie. No family. Malcolm and John died. Two sisters, Kate and Mary, are living with the widow and her nephew on the old homestead.


Thomas D. MacLennan, son of Alexander MacLennan River Denys, married Kate Welsh of Port Hastings. Children: Albert, John, Frank, Stewart, Mabel, Jessie and Sadie. Their home is over a mile from Port Hastings and near Foxes' Ponds. Alexander MacLennan's father, Donald, immigrated to River Denys from Loch Carron, Scotland. His wife, Christina MacLennan; was also from the same part of Scotland. Alexander's wife was Lizzie MacLennan of Loch Alsh.

Of T. D. MacLennan's children, Albert married Fanny Payne and has a large family at Port Hastings: Myrtle (Mrs. MacFarlane), Thomas Walter, Leonard B., Violet, Melvin, Hilda C., Arthur Payne, Viola.

Mabel MacLennan T. D.'s daughter, is Mrs. B. F. Banks, Boston. Children: Oswald (Dentist), Mertis M. (Mrs. Dickson), Hazel Edwin.

John, T. D.'s son, in Denver, Colo. has one son.

Frank, in Newton, Mass., has four children: Stewart married Martha Skinner of Port Hastings and has a daughter, Muriel, in Sydney.

Jessie, Mrs. Carney, has four sons and one daughter, all in the United States. Sadie was recently married to Wm. G. R. Humphrey, Halifax.


Among the prominent citizens of Port Hastings over a quarter of a century ago were George Craig Laurence and A. H. Sutherland. Both were associated with the late J.G. MacKeen in some of his business enterprises.

The Laurences were well connected in Scotland. They owned an estate there that was later owned and highly prized by Sir Walter Scott.

In this county they were prominent for a long time. George C.'s father was high sheriff. His brother, Walter, was a successful merchant in Cheticamp. His brother, Fred, was a lawyer and later a judge. His sisters too were ladies of prominence. One of them was Mrs. Isaac MacLeod, Strathlorne. For some years before his death George C. was Inspector of Weights anti Measures for Cape Breton. His wife 174 DISTRICT SKETCHES
was Miss S. A. Hadley, sister to Mrs. Tremaine, Port Hood, and to Mrs. Hiram Donkin, Government Civil Engineer, Halifax.
Children: Emma, Aubrey, Harold and Ethel.
Emma married a Mr. Hemeon who passed away some years ago. She now occupies a prominent position in the United States and has one daughter.
Harold, a civil engineer, is married and lives with his family in Halifax.
Aubrey lives with his family in Toronto.
Mrs. Marcussen lives at Port Hastings with her mother.

A. H. Sutherland came to Port Hastings from Pictou, N. S. and was prominent among the business men of the place for many years. He was brought up at Harbour Au Boucher and married Miss Wilson of the Strait and had one daughter, Ethel, who later became the wife of Rev. Duncan M. MacRae, B.A., Baddeck, C.B. Mr. and Mrs. MacRae were missionaries of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in the Foreign Field, in Corea, for many years. Mr. MacRae is there now. Mrs. MacRae with her children is with her mother in Baddeck, C.B.


Another citizen of Hastings for many years was John Nicholson of Skye, Scotland who immigrated in his youth to Whycocomagh and later to Port Hastings where he lived with his son to a very old age.

Nicholas one of his sons went to Kansas, was admitted to the Bar and was for a time one of the Judges of the highest court in that State.

Another was Lauchlin MacKinnon, son of John from the Isle of Rum, Scot. Lauchlin married Mary MacKinnon, Hector's daughter, Sugar Camp. He lived first where Hugh MacLean lives now. When his wife died he sold out to John MacLean, Hugh's grandfather, and bought 15 acres from Mrs. Belhace at Plaster Cove, and married Maggie MacLean, from Broad Cove, and made his home on those 15 acres. Children: Christy, Mary, Isabel, Flora and John.

Of these Flora only was married, and she lived in Providence, R.I.

Another well known citizen of thirty years ago was Donald Morrison, New Town. His mother passed away at a good old age. His father pre-deceased her. Donald and his wife are dead for many years -all honest, upright and highly esteemed. Duncan R., blacksmith, Donald's son, married Nina, daughter of John Cameron, M. D., Port Hood and Port Hastings. Their daughter, Bessie E. died Sept. 1, 1902 and the mother December 1st of the same year. Duncan R. died in 1907. Another son of Donald Morrison, John K., blacksmith, survives. His wife, Katie Bell, daughter of James H. MacKinnon, Lexington, C. B., died in 1919.

John Morrison, Duncan's son, also survives, and makes his home with his uncle, John K. Morrison. At present he is continuing his college course in Mount Allison University.


Hector MacKinnon, blacksmith, Port Hastings, son of Norman MacKinnon, West Bay, and grandson of Hector MacKinnon who died in Harris, Scotland, his native isle, married a daughter of Peter Cameron West Bay. Children: Peter Norman, Mary, John Hector, Euphemia Margaret, Annie Bell, Minnie Grey, Hugh, James and Alice.

Mrs. Norman MacKinnon was Mary, daughter of John MacRae and was born in Scotland.

Peter Cameron was a son of John Cameron, who came to West Bay from Scotland. Mrs. Peter Cameron was Euphemia Calder, daughter of James Calder and Barbara MacKenzie, his wife, St. George's Channel.

Mrs. John Cameron was Minnie Grey of a well connected family in Scotland and was said to have eloped with John to Canada. Two of her brothers, Dan and Robert came out later, found her comfortably situated on 800 acres of land, and they too remained in the country. Robert was well known in Sydney. Dan's great- grandchildren are in Sydney now.

Mrs. Norman MacKinnon's mother was Annie MacRae. Two of her brothers went to Australia and two to New Zealand from Kintail, Scotland. Another two came to Glengarry, Canada. They were Brocairean at home.

John N. MacKinnon, deceased, brother to Hector, the blacksmith, married Annie Christina, daughter of Alex. C. Cameron, General Line. Children: M. Katherine, Annie Marjory, Margaret Jane. Katherine and Margaret are school teachers. Annie is with her mother at the Central House, Port Hastings.

Capt. John MacKinnon, Queensville, C. B., son of Allan MacKinnon and grandson of Lauchlin MacKinnon, pioneer from Isle of Rum, Scotland, married Jessie, daughter of Alexander MacKinnon, Stewartdale, Whycocomagh.

Children: Catherine Sarah (Mrs. John Stewart MacKinnon, Port Hastings), Walter James, Mary Margaret and Allan Charles Seward.

Allan MacKinnon had two brothers and three sisters John, Dan, Ann, Flora and Mary. John raised a family at Kingsville, C.B.; Ann married a MacKinnon in Pictou; Flora married Lauchlin MacKinnon, Crandall Road; Mary was Mrs. Allan MacQuarrie, Sergeant's son.

Dan MacKinnon, Allan's brother, married Mary MacKinnon, daughter of Alexander (Ban) New Queensville. Children: Katie, Flora Sarah, Jessie, Lauchie Dan, Katie Jessie.

Allan MacKinnon's wife was Sarah MacKinnon, daughter of Charles (Ban).

John MacKinnon, Big John, Sugar Camp, was a brother to Pioneer Lauchlin; Charles and Hector. John's son, Donald (deceased), left a widow, who lives on the old homestead. John's daughters, Sarah (Mor Bhan), and Ann (Mrs. Hector MacQuarrie, Lake Horton), are dead for some years. Kate, Christy (Arichat) and John were single. Their mother was a sister to Rev. Abraham MacIntosh, St. Ann's.

Alexander MacKinnon, Blue Mts., son of Dan MacKinnon, Isle of Rum, Scotland, married Margaret MacDonald, St. Peters. Children: Donald, Mary, Sarah, Norman, Katie, Angus, Jessie, John Angus, Allan and Lauchlin.

Of these Allan and Lauchlin are on the old homestead. Allan was married to Mrs. Annie MacLean, nee Annie Blue, of River Denys and has one son, John D.

Lauchlin married Lizzie, daughter of Allan Cameron, West Bay Road. Children: Howard Osborne, Don. Norman, Florence Catherine.

Alexander MacKinnon's brother, John, was the father of Hector and Dan, who raised families at the Blue Mountains, C.B. and later moved to the Strait of Canso.

Donald MacKinnon, Sugar Camp, Big John's son, married Annie MacLean, daughter of Donald MacLean son of Donald MacLean from Rum, Scotland. Children: a son deceased; a daughter Christina married Allan MacLean, Sugar Camp, deceased.

Another daughter, married Edgar MacLean, Teacher, West Bay.

Hector MacKinnon, pioneer, brother to John Charles, and Lauchlin, married Ann MacLean, Giurasdal, Rum, Scotland, and made his home at Sugar Camp. Children; Lauchlin, Roderick, Allan, Mary.

Of these, Lauchlin married Mary MacDonald, daughter of Allan MacDonald, Uist, Scotland, grandfather of Dr. John MacDonald, St. Peter's. Children: Hector, Mary Ann, Allan, Archie, James L., Susan, Lexie, and Mary Bell.

Of these James L. married Catherine, daughter of Donald MacLeod, Big Brook, River Denys and made his home in Port Hastings. Children: John, Annie, Katie Bell.

Of these, Annie married Christopher Eggers and had a family of seven daughters of whom five are living with their parents at Imperoyal, N. S.

Katie Bell married John Lamond, at New Aberdeen, Glace Bay, and has a family of nine daughters.

Roderick, son of pioneer Hector MacKinnon, moved with his family from Sugar Camp to Bath, Maine, many years ago.

His brother Allan died at Sugar Camp and the family moved to the United States.

Mary daughter of pioneer Hector MacKinnon married Donald MacLean, Mackdale and had four daughters one of whom went to New Zealand.


Alexander MacFadyen was married to Margaret MacQuarrie, sister of Absalom MacQuarrie of the Strait. He settled on a lot of land at Lexington in pioneer days. His children were: Lauchlin, Hector, John, Dan, Neil, Alexander, Allan, Flora, Catherine and Annie.

Of these, Dan, Neil and Alexander went down in a vessel in the August Gale of 1873.

Lauchlin married Christina MacAskill of Lexington and raised a large family, viz; Sarah (Mrs. Kimball); Kate (Mrs. John MacLean, deceased, left one boy, Howard); Cassie, (Mrs. William Burns, U.S. and had a son and daughter); Margaret and Malcolm deceased; Annie in United States, and Allan at Lexington.

Alex. MacFadyen, Lexington and Donald MacFadyen, Militia Point, were brothers, Donald was married to Mary Ann Calder and had a large family, viz; Lauchlin (Baddeck Bay), John, William, Alexander, Hugh, Barbara, Ann and Catherine, grandmother of Rev. John MacIntosh D.D., Whitney Pier.

Hector MacKinnon, another pioneer, made a home for himself at General Line, now Lexington. His wife was Sarah MacGregor of Whycocomagh. Children: Capt. Dan (drowned Aug. 1873), Mary (Mrs. Archie MacDonald), Sarah (Mrs. MacKinnon, Provincetown), Flora (Mrs. Alphen, Gloucester, (Mass) and James (died 1922).

The first settlers at Queensville were Neil McInnis, who was married to Catherine McEachern and who immigrated with two children from Inverness-Scotland in 1816, one son and three daughters being born to them at Queensville his son Angus was married to Christy McInnis of Judique and had a family of ten, of whom only three are living, Allan living on the old homestead and married to Isabella McMaster of Long Point, having a family of three boys and three girls.

John another son of Neil was married to Jessie McDonell of Judique Banks and had a family of nine boys and two girls; Farquhar and Donald of Port Hawkesbury being their sons, the rest of the family living in the United States.

Catherine, daughter of Neil was married to John McEachern and lived at Queensville had a family, five sons and three daughters, their son Neil living on the old homestead and married to Margaret McEachern, and has a family of two sons and two daughters-a daughter being married to John J. McDonald. Donald A., a brakesman, I. C. R., and Mary Jessie at home, also John Hughes.

Kenneth the only living member of Neil MacInnis's family was married to Margaret McEachern; had a family of four sons and three daughters.

Margaret, daughter of Neil McInnis, was married to Angus McInnis of Kingsville; had a family of three sons and three daughters.

Jane was married to Donald O'Brien, Creignish Rear and had, a family of four sons and three daughters.

There were four MacMasters, brothers, who immigrated from Lochaber, Scotland in 1816.

Donald was married in Scotland to Mary McDonell; had a family of six sons and two daughters whose names were Angus, Donald,. Samuel, Archibald, Hugh, Alexander, Catherine and Annie.

Hugh was married to Catherine Cameron in Scotland and had a' family of six sons and three daughters whose names were Donald, Dougall John, Duncan, Alexander, Angus, Catherine Mary and Annie.

John was married to Catherine McDonald in Scotland, had a family of five sons and three daughters whose names were Donald, Hugh, John, Alexander Angus, Catherine, Margaret and Annie.

Angus was married to Mary McEachern of Creignish had a family of six sons and four daughters whose names were Angus, Donald, John, James, Alexander Duncan, Catherine, Mary, Isabella and Margaret.

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