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The Story of Newfoundland
By the Right Hon. Lord Birkenhead (1920)


Twenty-two years ago the enterprise of Horace Marshall & Son produced a series of small books known as "The Story of the Empire Series." These volumes rendered a great service in bringing home to the citizens of the Empire in a simple and intelligible form their community of interest, and the romantic history of the development of the British Empire.

I was asked more than twenty-one years ago to write the volume which dealt with Newfoundland. I did so. The little book which was the result has been for many years out of print. 1 have been asked by my triends in Newfoundland and elsewhere to bring it up to date for the purpose of a Second Edition. The publishers assented to this proposal, and this volume is the result.

The book, of course, never pretended to be anything but a slight sketch. An attempt has been made—while errors have been corrected and the subject matter has been brought up to date—to maintain such character as it ever possessed.

I shall be well rewarded for any trouble I have taken if it is recognized by my friends in Newfoundland that the reproduction of this little book places on record an admiration for, and an interest in, our oldest colony which has endured for considerably more than twenty-one years.

House of Lords, May 1920.

History - Vanished in the Mists - Lost Newfoundland (Part 1)

History - Vanished in the Mists - Lost Newfoundland (Part 2)

History - Vanished in the Mists - Lost Newfoundland (Part 3)


Chapter I. The Land and its People
Chapter II. The Age of Discovery
Chapter III. Early History
Chapter IV. Early History (continued)
Chapter V. The Struggle for Existence
Chapter VI. The English Colonial System and its Results
Chapter VII. Self-Government
Chapter VIII. Modern Newfoundland
Chapter IX. The Reid Contract--and After
Chapter X. The French Shore Question

Newfoundland 4K A Z
By Derrick Sturge


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