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Canadian Life as I Found It
Chapter V July 31, 1904

I GOT your two letters almost at the same time, for a neighbour kept one a whole week in his pocket, as no one was coming down our way; such is prairie life, one can only say better late than never, I have been very busy making the shack more secure, for we have had a very bad gale blowing all the week. I am thankful to say we have weathered it, but there seems no end to the work. We have been out here two months, and been hard at it all the time, and we have very little to show for it.

I had a very bad week of it, for my wife has been completely laid up; she is better again, but hard rough work is telling upon her. We help her all we can, but outdoor work has to be done, and takes up most of our time; it may be only the heat, but if she has any more such bouts, I should like to get her home again; it would be far better for me to rough it alone, than for her to break down in health. I cannot think how any one could have told us, that the life was not a rough one on all sides. Of course down East it is more civilized, but here in the wilds we have to think hard sometimes to know even which day of the week it is. Why, yesterday we were in doubt whether it was really Sunday; and as for church, we have only been able to go to one once since we left home.

Game is getting scarce up here, but I was lucky yesterday, and shot four snipe, and only fired five shots; I am getting quite clever, and it helps the larder's resources greatly.

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