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Canadians of Long Ago
The story of the Canadian Indian by Kenneth E. Kidd (1951)


The recent orientation of Canadian school cur¬ ricula in the direction of social studies has brought sharply into focus the great lack of teaching material in this field. This little book has been designed to meet this need insofar as Canadian Indians are concerned. It attempts to describe the various Indian types in the Dominion, and to present the modes of life followed by the principal Indian groups across Canada as they existed just previous to the coming of the Europeans, outlining briefly the food habits, clothes, habitations and social customs. Since only the most important characteristics could be mentioned in such an elemen¬ tary text, much has had to be omitted; the most notable omission, perhaps, being that several groups have not been discussed at all, such as the people of the Cordil¬ lera region and the Mackenzie River Valley. Since they partake in many respects of the surrounding cul¬ tures, the omission should not be considered as com¬ plete. As for the Eskimo, they have not been mentioned for the reason that their culture is so highly special¬ ised that it deserves a separate treatment.

It is hoped that the book will prove suitable for supplementary reading in the intermediate grades and at the same time provide teachers with abundant ma¬ terial for classroom discussion. It has been based, for the most part, upon talks delivered at various times to school groups in the galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology.

The author wishes to acknowledge a debt of grati¬ tude to Miss Sylvia Hahn for her very attractive sketches which illustrate this book; they were made chiefly from specimens in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology. He also wishes to thank Mr. Bernard McEvoy, and Miss K. Doody, both of Longmans, Green and Company, for their help and very patient assistance in seeing the book through the press.

Kenneth E. Kidd
September, 1951

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