Lovell's Gazetteer of the Dominion of Canada
Gazetteer Letter C

Page 347
Cabane Ronde, Cabano, Cabistachuan, Cable Head, Cable Head West, Cabot's Head, Cache, Cache Bay, Cache Creek, Cache Creek Valley, Cache Lake, Cachee River, Cacouna, Cacouna South, Caderette, Cadmus, Cadot, Cadwalladar, C∆erea, Cahills, Cahilty, Cahore
Page 348
Cahore, Caille, Petitie Riviere, Caille, Riviere A La, Cailmount, Cain's Mountain, Cain's River, Cainsville or Cayuga Heights, Caintown, Cairngorm, Cairnside, Cairo, Caisey's Point, Caistor Centre, Caistorville, Calaboote, Calabogie Lake, Calder, Calderwood, Caldwell, Caldwell's Brook, Caldwell's Mills, Caledon, Caledon East, Caledon Lake, Caledonia
Page 349
Caledonia, Caledonia Corner, Caledonia Flats, Caledonian Jct., Caledonia Mills, Caledonia Mines or Glace Bay, New Caledonia, Caledonia  Settlement, Caledonia Springs, Calf Mountain, Calgary
Page 350
Calgary, Calgary Junction, Calhoun, Caliento, California, Callander, Call Mill, Calmar, Calmon, Calton, Calumet, Calumet Island, Calumet River, Calvaire, Calvert, Calvin, Camborne, Spring Mills, Cambray, Cambria, Cambria River, Cambridge
Page 351
Cambridge, Cambridge Road, Cambridge Station, Camden, Camden East, Camel Chute, Camelot, Cameron, Cameron Lake, Cameron Settlement, Cameron and Beck's Siding, Cameron's Mills, Cameron Town, Camilla, Camlachie, Camp, Campania, Campbell, Campbell Creek, Campbell Croft, Campbellford
Page 352
Campbellford, Campbell Lake, Campbell Mountain, Campbell's Bay, Campbell's Corners, Campbell's Cross, Campbell's Settlement, Campbelltown, Campbellville, Campden, Camperdown, Camperville, Camp Four, Camp Lake, Camp McKinney, Cameo Bello, Camp Palmer, Camrose, Camus Ruisseau, Canaan
Page 353
Canaan, Cannan Forks, Canaan Mountain, Canaan Rapids, Canaan River, Canaan Road, Canaan Station, The Dominion of Canada
Page 354
The Dominion of Canada
Page 355
The Dominion of Canada
Page 356
The Dominion of Canada
Page 357
The Dominion of Canada
Page 358
The Dominion of Canada
Page 359
The Dominion of Canada
Page 360
The Dominion of Canada
Page 361
The Dominion of Canada
Page 362
The Dominion of Canada
Page 363
The Dominion of Canada
Page 364
The Dominion of Canada, Canada Bay, Canada Creek, Canada Harbor, Canadian or North Channel, Canal, Canals, Canard, Canard Brook, Canard River, Canards, Canards Rivierre, Canboro, Candasville, Candiac, Candle Lake
Page 365
Candle Lake, Canfield, Canfield Jct, Canford, Caniapuscaw, Koksoak, Canmore, Cannamore, Cannes, Cannifton, Canning, Canning River, Canning's Cove, Cannington, Cannington Manor, Cann Island, Cann Islands, Cannonville, Canorie, Canoe Cove, Canoe Lake
Page 366
Canoe River, Canora, Cabot, Canour, Canrobert, Canso, or Cape Canso, Canrobert, Cantal, Cante, Canterbury, Canterbury Station, Cantin, Cantley, Canton, Canton Tache, Cantyre, Canuta, Canyon, Cap A La Baleine, Cap A L'Aigle, Cap Au Correau, Cap Au Renaud, Cap-Aux-os, Cap Chat River, Cap Chatte, Cap De La Madeleine, Cap Des Rosiers, Cape, Cape Airey, Cape Albert, Cape Alexander
Page 367
Cape Alexander, Cape Anguilla, Cape Balo, Cape Ballard, Cape Barrow, Cape Bathhurst, Cape Bauld, Cape Bat, Lance Cove, Cape Bonavista, Cape Breton
Page 368
Cape Breton, Cape Broyle, Cape Canso, Canseau, Cape Chapleau, Cape Charles, Cape Chignecto, Cape Chudleigh or Chidley, Cape Churchill, Cape Cockburn, Cape Comfort, Cape Cove, Cape Croker, Cape Dauphin, Cape Demoselle Creek, Cape Desespoie, Cape D'Espoir, Cape Diamond, Cape Digges, Cape D'Or, Cape Egmont, Cape Enrage, Cape Eternity, Cape Fogg
Page 369
Cape Fox, Cape Freels, Cape Fullarton, Cape Gaspe, Cape George, Cape George Harbor, Cape Crimington, Cape Hayes, Cape Henrietta Maria, Cape Hope, Advance Bay, Cape Island, Cape Jack, Cape John, Cape Jourmain, Cape La Hunt, Cape La Ronde, Capelin Cove, Cape Lookout, Capelton, Cape Mobou, Cape Mutton, Cape Napier, Cape Negro, Cape Negro Island, Cape Norman, Cape North, Cape Oxo, Cape Parry, Cape Pine
Page 370
Cape Porcupine, Cape Prince of Wales, Cape Race, Cape Ray, Cape Resolution, Cape Rich, Cape Rosier, Cape Rouge, Cape Sable Island, Cape St. Charles, Cape St. Francis, Cape St. George, Cape St. James, Cape St Lawrence, Cape St Mary, Cape St Mary's, Cape Sambro, Cape Scott, Cape Southampton, Cape Spear, Cape Split, Cape Station, Cape Tormentine
Page 371
Cape Tormentine, Cape Traverse, Cape Wolfe, Cap La Ronde, Caplin Bay, Caplin Cove, Caplin River, Cap Magdeleine, Cap Rouge, Cap St. Claude, Cap St. Ignis, Cap St. Ignace Station, Cap St. Martin, Cap Rante, Cap Riviere, Capstick, Capucins, Caradoc Station, Caraquet, Carberry, Carberry Jct, Carbon, Carbonado
Page 372
Carbonado, Carbonear, Carbonear Island, Carcajou, Carcross, Carden, Cardigan, Cardigan Bridge, Cardigan River, Cardinal, Cardross, Card's Harbour, Caruston, Cardwell, Cardwell Junction, Carey, Carey Point, Cargill, Carholme, Cariboo, Cariboo and Cassion Districts
Page 373
Cariboo Island, Cariboo Islands, Caribook Lake, Cariboo Marsh, Cariboo Mines, Cariboo River, Caribou, Caribou Island, Caribou Island, Caribou Springs, Cariboux, Caievale, Carillon, Carleton, Carleton Centre, Carleton Lake, Carleton Place
Page 374
Carleton Station, Carleton Village, Carlin Corners, Carling, Carlingford, Carlingville, Carlisle, Carlow, Carlowrie, Carlsbad Springs, Carlsruhe, Carlstad, Carlton, Carluke, Carlyle, Carlyon, Carman, Carman Junction, Carmasville, Carmel, Carmel Hill, Carmi, Carmunnock, Carmichael, Carnarvon, Canrnduff
Page 375
Canrnduff, Carnegie, Carnoustie, Caroline, Caron, Caron Brook, Carp, Carpenter, Carp Lake, Carp River, Carr, Carre Lake, Carrigan, Carrol, Carroll Crossing, Caroll's Corners, Carroll's Hill, Carrot River, Carrs, Carrsbrook, Carr's Mill, Carrville, Carsdale, Carson, Carsonby, Carsonville, Carstairs, Carswell, Carter's, Carter's Cove, Carter's Point, Carterton
Page 376
Carterton, Carthage, Carthew, Cartier, Cartiersville, Cartwright, Cartyville, Carufel, Carvell, Casault, Cascade, Cascade Mountains, Cascades, Cascades Point, Cascapedia, Cascapedia Grand, Little Cascapedia, Cascumpeque Bay, Cascumpeque, Case Settlement, Cashel, Cashion's Glen, Cashmere, Cashtown, Casket, Cass Bridge, Cassburn, Cassel
Page 377
Cassel, Casselman, Cassiar, Cassidy, Cassilis, Cassils, Cassimaquagan River, Cassville, Castalia, Castaway, Castile, Castleavery, Castlebar, Castle Cove, Castledero, Castleford, Castleford Station, Castlegar Junction, Castle Hyde, Castlemore
Page 378
Cassel, Casselman, Cassiar, Cassidy, Cassilis, Cassils, Cassimaquagan River, Cassville, Castalia, Castaway, Castile, Castleavery, Castlebar, Castle Cove, Castledero, Castleford, Castleford Station, Castlegar Junction, Castle Hyde, Castlemore
Page 379
Causapscal, Cavagnol, Cavan, Cavanille, Cavendish, Shoal Bay, Cavendish Road, Cavignac, Cawood, Caxton, Cayley, Cayuga, Cazaville, Cecere, Cecil, Cecile Jct, Cedar, Cedar Bridge, Cedar Camp, Cedar Cove, Cedar Creek, Cedar Dale, Cedardale, Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove Farm, Cedar Hall, Cedar Hill
Page 380
Cedar Lake, Cedar Mills, Cedar Mills, Cedars, Cedar Springs, Cedarville, Cedoux, Cedres, Cement Works, Cemetery, Centennial, Central, Central Argyle, Central Bedeque, Central Blissville, Central Cambridge, Central Clarence, Central Economy, Central Grove, Central Hampstead, Central Haynesville, Centralia or Devon, Central Keswick, Central Kingsclear, Central Lot
Page 381
Central Lot, Central New Annan, Central North River, Central Norton, Central Onslow, Central Park, Central Waterville, Central Wood Harbour, Centre, Centre Acadia or Acadiaville, Centre Augusta, Centre Blissville, Centre Burlington, Centredale, Centre Dummer, Centre Hampton, Centre Hill, Centre Musquodoboit, Centreton, Centre Village, Centreville, Trout Cove, Centreville East, Ceylon, Flesherton
Page 382
Ceylon, Chabot, Chacoura, Chadonnet, Chaffers Brook, Chaffey's Locks, Baie Des Chaleurs, Chalk Lake, Chalk River, Chaloupe, Great, Little, Chamberlain, Chamberlains, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chambers Settlement, Chambly and Vercheres, Chambly, Chambly Canton, Chambord, Chambord Junction, Chamcook, Chamcook Lakes, Chamouchuan
Page 383
Chamouchuan, Champigny, Champlain, Champlian Lake, Chance Cove, Chance Harbour, Chancellor Mount, Chandler's Harbour, Chandonnet, Chandor, Change Islands, Channel or Port-Aux-Basques, Channel, Channel Islands or Eskasoni, Chantelle, Chantler, Chantry, Chantry Island, Chapeau, Chapel, Chapel Platform, Chapel's Cove, Chapleau
Page 384
Chaplin, Chaplin Lake, Chapman, Chapman Shemogue, Chapman's Settlement, Chapmanville, Chapple, Charcoal Junction, Chard, Charette Mill,  Charing Cross, Charloote, Charlemagne, Charlemont, Charles, Charlesbourgh, Charlesbourgh West, Charles Brook, Charles Island, Charles Lake, Charles River, Charleston or Dickens, Charleston Lake, Charlesville, Charleville, Charlevoix, Charlo, Charlo Station, Charlo Upper, Charlos Cove, Charlotte
Page 385
Charlotte, Charlotte Lake, Charlottetown, Charlton, Charnwood, Charny, Charrington, Charteris, Chartersville, Chartierville, Chartrand, Chase Corner, Chasse Riviere, Chasseur, Chaswood, Chatboro, Chateau, Chateauguay, Chateauguay Basin, Chateauguay River
Page 386
Chateau Richer, Chateauvert, Chater, Chatfield, Chatham, Chatham Junction, Chatham Jct., Chations, Chatillon, Chaton, Chats Lac Des, Chatsworth, Chatterton, Chaud, Chaudiere

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