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My Canadian Experience
My Home in Chatham

I thought I'd do a photo shoot of my house so I have all the pictures in one place :-)

Here is the outside of the house... taken on 12th February on a lovely sunny day albeit still with some snow on the ground.

A big house for just one person but the main floor and first floor are well used. One room on the main floor has been converted to a spacious office which is on the front left of the house in this picture. On the right hand side of the house the dining room is on the front and the living room at the back.

On the corner of Raleigh and Lorne and showing my garage on the left which has an automatic garage door using my remote control switch

As you can see there are a lot of trees around the property and pretty tall at that.
These were of course taken in the summer :-)

Then out to the back of the house where there is a small garden

From the back porch looking first to the left and then the right. There is actually a wee bit of garden round the corner on the left which gets you into the back door for the garage.

And looking out to the back gate

And now we'll take a tour coming in from the front door...

As you see I have a tall mirror on the one side and coat hooks on the other

This is the view as you come in the front door. In the left picture you see the door to the kitchen and on the right the door to the living room. In the picture on the right you see the door to my office and the door taking you upstairs. What you don't see is immediately on the right are the doors to the dining room. In other words lots of doors! :-)

So now we head into my office

On the left you can see my clan map with three already in tubes waiting for pick up. On the right is the door out of the office looking at my grandfather clock

And as you can see stained glass windows

We're now going to move back into the hall and into the dining room...

And here you see the doors that lead into the dining room

and so that's the dining room with good wooden floors and a fireplace

We're now going to head back into the hall and into the living room...

There are the doors to upstairs and also into the kitchen

The living room. The picture on the left also shows the central air control on the right of the picture

More doors... the one on the left is to the outside porch and the one on the right is into the kitchen

I've been thinking about hanging up a curtain in both doors but we'll see how it goes

And now it's into the kitchen...

The door on the left takes you down to the  basement

The door in the left picture takes you out to the back garden

The picture on the right is the wee toilet

And the toilet even has a window

And now we head down into the basement...

Stairs leading down to the basement and you can see my car through the window

And down another flight of stairs into the basement

A wee bit of a mess as you can see a bit still to unpack. The picture on the left shows the electricity panel. The picture on the right show where I have stored my wine :-)

And as I head out of the second room on the left is the view to the left and on the right is the  view to the right to my laundry area

On the left is the door from the basement out into the back garden and on the right is another wee cupboard under the stairs

And now it's time to head upstairs...

and so we are now up the stairs where we have 5 doors to explore plus the landing :-)

Turning right we get into the guest bedroom

And you can see there is a walk in cupboard

And now it's time to head back onto the landing and into another bedroom which I have converted into a library

I might add that the book cases in the picture on the right have been built in whereas the book cases in the other picture are free standing and can be removed with ease

and now it is time to head back into the landing and into the master bedroom...

Err.. have I made the bed? 

There are large wardrobes that were built into the bedroom

It is now back onto the landing and into the bathroom..

Two more doors. The one on the left is into the bathroom and the one on the right is through to the walk in attic. The door in the left picture is a cupboard going under the attic stairs

Not too bad a bathroom with shower stall and a good sized bath. This is the room that got a new ceiling, extract fan and new toilet

And now we head into the attic...

A nice wee bit of space as you go through the door to find the door that goes up into the attic. Likely enough space to put in some shelves for storage

And when you open the door you find the light switch and then a fight of stairs up to the attic

Certainly a  very large attic and I note that the chimney can be removed and a sky light put in to make this one very large room. This is where I am considering making it a games room with a pool table :-)

And on the right you see the opening that takes you down the stairs

And finally a shot coming back down the stairs to the main level

Since purchasing the house I've had the electrical work updated to remove the last of the tongue and grove wiring. The main floor floors have all been sanded, repaired and varnished. All rooms now have ceiling fans. All rooms had old wall paper removed and have been painted. Some doors have been re-hung. Two windows have been replaced. The outside has all been painted and the garage roof replaced with a new remote control unit to open and close the garage door. The furnace has had a full maintenance and the central air system is now working fine. 

All that remains in this first phase of renovation is to add an additional step to the front stairs and to replace the stairs to the side porch. Still on the to do list is to get the outside doors sanded and varnished and also the inside stairs leading up to the first floor.

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