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My Canadian Experience
Report for December 2023 to January 2024

Snow free in December.

Bought s boneless leg of lamb and a turkey breast to carry me over Christmas and the New Year.  Otherwise it will be soup, fish and pasta for my other meals. 

I still like a cooked breakfast like toasted bacon or sausage sandwich. On Sunday still enjoy bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato and either haggis or black pudding and hash browns. Sometimes have a sliced square sausage roll and/or scrambled egg roll depending on how I feel. 

I still enjoy a curry and rice but usually just once a month.  I will have a vegetarian  pizza once a month.

In Scotland I would have a small pork pie for lunch every other week but the pork pies are hard to find in Canada and are usually terrible so not something I have now.

Again in Scotland I would have a butchers steak pie but no butcher in Canada makes them.  Obviously very lazy in Canada.  I do get the odd Scotch pie with beans and fries and will also have haggis, neeps and tatties once a month. Also mince and tatties every other month.

Of course I will have steak, lamb, pork, chicken and fish and make my own vegetable soup in the winter.

So that's my eating habits these days,  I still only take one cup of coffee and a diet coke most days along with that pint of water I now take. I almost never eat out apart from picking up fish and chips from the local chippie (Fricks).  I  don't visit any of the fast food outlets for coffee or anything to eat.

I might just add that almost all grocery stores in Chatham you can now order from online and get home delivery. Sobeys is the only exception and that used to be my favourite store but it's now been two years since I've shopped with them. The Dutch Market closed but their Sarnia store is still open but you can now order a home delivery by phoning in your order so still able to order my smoked back bacon from them.

Got a new free fridge due to the scheme running in Ontario to save on fossil fuel. My one was 20 years old and worked just fine but figured the new one might be a safer bet although they only offer a 1 year warranty.  It's the same brand as my old fridge so hopefully it will see me out. (Fridigaire)

I really need a new notebook computer but the thought of having to install all my software and knowing some of it won't work keeps delaying a decision. 

I had an issue with Cogecco, my local Internet provider.  I have a business account so meant to get next day call out but this time the phone tech said it would take 5 days and then it was delayed another day due to holidays.  As usual the problem was down to issues with Cogecco and they say due to holidays it will take 6 days to resolve.  Mind you I still have access but just very slow.

Wars continue for Ukraine and Israel and now Sudan is having a civil war with more deaths there than in Gaza. 

The world is in a real mess these days with no compromise being shown by anyone.

I feel Parents are to blame for most of it as they don't discipline their children which is seeing teachers under attack in schools and general bad behavior all over the place.  I noted with great interest the number of gay people supporting Hamas who don't seem to realise that if they were in Gaza they'd be put to death for being Gay.

A number of very wealthy universities have allowed anti-Semitic demonstrations and personal intimidation to be carried out on campus. I'm pleased to see some major businesses saying not to apply to them for a job as they won't hire anyone from their university. Harvard was forced to accept the resignation of their President which was good news and some other Presidents are being called to account for their attitudes.

Today you can earn more from taking out an apprenticeship than most university degrees will pay.

I note volcanic action is taking place in Iceland.

In January we got snow at last. Several inches fell over a 2 week period. 

I visited J & E Meats in Couton which is about a 30 minutes drive from Chatham.  They do deliver so might well take that option in future. Essentially they raise their own beef and lamb and it was the lamb I was particularly interested in as it's hard to find it in this area.  I got a variety of their products like liver which was good, beef bacon which was also good, beef sausage which was too spicy which I didn't enjoy.  Also purchased a chicken pie and a Mississippi pie which is a meat pie. They were frozen. So to date I've tried the chicken pie which was rather bland so won't be buying that one again.  I also got a leg of lamb steak which was very good.  Got some steaks and chicken thighs which I have still to try. 

The Ukraine/Russia war continues albeit not getting so much coverage due to the Israel/Gaza war where Hamas has shown they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build a huge tunnel infrastructure. You can't help but think that it they'd spent that money to improve the country and the life of its citizens things would be much better.

Essentially Hamas are evil people being funded by the Iranian clergy. The Abrahamic accords have concerned Iran as it looked like Saudi Arabia was going to sign up which would have been a devastating hit on Iran.  Right now Israel is aiming to totally destroy Hamas and so there are clearly a lot of civilian casualties.  However as Hamas has used their people as human shields it is obviously very difficult to identify innocent civilians from Hamas terrorists. 

In my view Hamas are evil and need to be exterminated as do other terrorist organisations in the Middle East. There is no point in having a cease fire as that will simply allow Hamas to rearm.  I fully support Israel in this war.  The Palestinian children have been indoctrinated so are growing up as terrorists. I also believe that Israel should take over Gaza after this war as it will be safer for them. You can't live with people around you wanting to exterminate you.  Let us remember that not one Jew lives in Gaza yet 20% of the Israeli population is from Palestine.

Overall the world is in a fragile state right now with really stupid people running our countries around the world.  I can't help but believe that we need to find a better way to run our countries. The United Nations (UN) is a biased organisation and is totally useless.

China is ranking up rhetoric on Taiwan and they have taken over Tibet.  Africa is at war within their various countries. Corruption is very high all over the world.  I think the human race is on the road to extinction the way things are going. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to make progress and given the state of the world you can't help but wonder how this will play out.

I'm not particularly religious but I feel the Bible is the best guide to how we should live our lives and the Ten Commandments are as good a guide to that as you're going to get. 

I also wonder if our entertainment industry isn't the cause of a lot of our issues as we seem to celebrate fighting in all its guises and so are brought up to think this is normal. 

Canada has seen a lot of intolerance between ethnic groups in recent times which is not something we should tolerate. 

The police services are looking more like bullies and cowards these days.  The standards they have for gaining entry to their ranks is too low in my opinion and the RCMP still have too many internal issues on sexual discrimination for my liking.

I am also not happy with all the reconciliation talk going around with the native peoples.  I feel they are greedy and just looking for more money.  Let us remember that millions of Canadians weren't in Canada when the residential schools were around and yet they have to pay out to compensate them. 

The best way to get reconciliation is to accept that bad things happened and to ensure all Canadians are treated equally from now on.  Too much money is being handed out to the First Nations that are not available to other Canadians.  That has to stop.  Our Governor General is from the Inuit community and is obsessed with reconciliation to the detriment of all Canadians in my opinion. 

It's like the clan system in Scotland where many Clan Chiefs removed their members from clan lands to replace them with sheep and deer as it made them more money.  They could have instead helped their people to farm better which would have brought them even more money but they were too stupid to understand that.

And that is just like the Native peoples in Canada.  Like to try to find out more about the First Nations I found not one tribe would provide information to me freely.  I had to pay to get anything from them.  So most of the information I have on the site comes from public resources.  And if you read these information resources you'll soon find that a high number of these peoples have a poor upbringing which has led them to drink more, take drugs and live in very poor living conditions. 

In my view Parents have abdicated responsibility for bringing up their children.  The educations system is not doing a good job of bringing up our children either.

And as to LGBT etc.  It's a joke.  Now our children can claim they are rabbits and that's acceptable?  It's a terrible indictment on Parents of today. We should send them all to Gaza and wait to hear them wail as they are put to death for being so.  Yet these really stupid people support Hamas... total idiots.

Greed is at the root of so much that is wrong with the world. Easy credit has made us all think we can have anything we want when we want.  Our great grandparents lived frugally and saved up for things they needed.  Today we just buy it on credit which means we have a terrible debt crisis. 

I was just thinking that I have had my favourite cardigan for some 30 years now and it still works just great.  I did purchase another one and after just a few uses the zipper broke.  Quality is simply not there any more.  Like my air conditioning unit is some 24 years old and still working.  Buy one new today and you'd be lucky if it lasted 10 years. 

Diabetic Canada phone me most months asking if I have any old clothes or household items I want to donate.  To be frank I never have anything to give them as everything I have I use and rarely buy anything as a result.  My notebook computer is 8 years old and still does all I want it to do.

I find I rarely watch television these days as I mainly watch YouTube channels or read newspapers online.  I rarely watch films but do enjoy documentaries and other real life channels on YouTube.  I have listed my favourite channels on YouTube at:

Some of the channels air once a week or even monthly but others can also be several times a week.

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