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My Canadian Experience
Police Visit

On 4th August I got a visit from Constable Bernie Lowery of the Chatham-Kent Police.  He was going to go over home security for me and offer some general advice.

He brought with him a box of locks and other material so I could see the actual products he was recommending. He mention that often the door was the vulnerable area and he recommended getting better security latch strikes.

These latch strikes are seen at the bottom left of the above picture and only cost $10.00. He said if you do nothing else get these fitted as they make a huge difference. In Chatham, Swains, the locksmith, is on Le Croix St and they can also arrange to fit them for you. He also showed me dead bolt locks which have the option of being able to remove the open latch.  So... if someone broke the window of your door they couldn't reach in and open your lock as the lever would have been removed.

I was also shown an Electronic Switch Timer that can be used to turn on and off your lights at certain times.

The local police force can also lend you a laser gun with which to mark your valuables. So for example if I used it to add my car license number onto my printer or other valuables the police would be able to identify it. 

Having marked your valuables the police will issue you with as many of the above stickers as you want to put on your windows or doors. This lets potential thieves know that your valuables have been marked. They produce a leaflet about this service...

They give general advice on what to do when going away for an extended length of time...

  • You discontinue mail, milk and newspaper delivery.

  • All possible entrances to your home are secured.

  • Your neighbours are aware that you are going away and for how long. You have left a key with someone you can trust.

  • You have arranged with someone to pick up any mail or newspapers that are left on your step.

  • Many Police forces like to know if your home is vacant, particularly if it is alarmed.

  • Use a timer to switch various household lights on at night and off in the morning.

  • Have someone come in and reposition curtains occasionally.

  • In general, with the help of friends and neighbours try to avoid the appearance that your home is deserted. A few dollars to a neighbourhood person for for yard maintenance can be money well spent.

They also produce an excellent booklet with lots of good advice...

And so there you have it.  Well worth getting your local police to arrange a visit.

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