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My Canadian Experience
Getting Colder in November

Attended my first meeting with the Knights Templars in Toronto on 8th November which was held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI). As you may have noticed I've attended several events at the RCMI and Neil Fraser had suggested I join it some time ago and was willing to be a signatory on the application.  Well as I was sitting beside the Past President, and he also suggested I should join, I bit the bullet and filled out the application which he signed. A fellow member at the Knights Templar meeting did the other signature for me. 

As it happens the RCMI is a really good club where you'll find very friendly folk who are more than willing to greet a new visitor and make them feel at home. And as I may have mentioned before it is a particularly friendly place for the few smokers who are  holding out with the sight of many ashtrays all over the club :-)

The Knights Templar meeting went well and the long table was filled. I hope to help them build a web site and thus give the general public an insight into what the Knights Templar do. 

I stayed the night with Nola and Harold in Toronto and we managed both a curry and later in the evening I made my special Scottish "chips" as a snack :-)

In the morning I head out to meet up with David Briant at Aberfoyle, just below Guelph where we had some lunch. David had arranged for me to visit the Scottish Community in Crieff due to it being created by Scottish Pioneers. I took lots of pictures and you can see my collection at Crieff in Ontario.

On Friday 11th November I headed up to Wallaceburg to get the first consignment of my wine and here are some pictures...

There is my white wine ready to be bottled. On the right I get some special labels and wee gift cards

The bottles are being washed and the wine corks are being immersed in water with the corking machine ready for action

Here are the details of the process my wine had gone through

And while my 15 bottles of white wine are having the labels added the balance of my wine is being prepared for carbonation

And the last drop is now being ported into the carbonation unit

And here is the label going onto my White Wine

On one side my red wine is being prepared and on the right the finishing touches to the bottling of my white wine

And here is my other 15 bottles of white wine being cooled down for carbonating which I'll pick up next Monday

I also got some cheap wine racks to store my wine

and the first of my red wine being bottled

As well as standard bottles I also got a four party sized bottles and two half bottles and a neat couple of labels for them. On the right I got a special cork in the event I don't drink the whole bottle :-)

And here it is in my car boot ready for transportation to it's new home :-)

And my sparkling wine being bottled on the following Tuesday

On the way home I went past the Wallace mural to see what it looked like up on the wall...

On Saturday I attended the Elliot Clan AGM which was held in London, Ontario and had a grand time.  This is the kind of event that really brings a clan together and everyone had a great time. So many raffle prizes were brought to the lunch that everyone won something :-)

I have done a wee story board about the event which you can see here!

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