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My Canadian Experience
Immigration process moves on

Well things are moving on a pace with the  immigration application. I got in a letter from them essentially saying that they didn't think there was a need for an interview at this stage of processing and also didn't require any further documents. They also sent in the documents for me to have my medical. I assume that they wouldn't ask for a medical until they were fairly convinced that everything was looking good as you do have to pay for it.  In my case the cost is $100 cash. They also remind you that payment is now due for the fee for processing your application if you haven't already paid it. In my case it's already been paid :-)

I did note that the letter said to take 2 recent passport photographs to the medical but when I phoned to arrange an appointment they said they needed 5 photographs. To help you find a doctor to do the examination they provide a web site address at

I also saw the other side of Chatham life when I was invited out for a stag night - sorry, no story board on this one :-) There is however a web site at for Spanky's and for J R's giving details of the clubs but no pictures! :-)

While out on the town I met a Dean Shoemaker who is President of that sells fresh cut flowers to the USA and Canada. He very kindly sent me in a sample of his product and I did a wee story board about receiving them. I will be going down to his offices which are only around 40 minutes drive from Chatham to learn more.

Also got hit with the first problem on my car. The doors wouldn't lock and so headed to a local GM dealer and they found that the computer that looked after that bit wasn't working and so needed a new computer. So some $400+ later they are now working again. I will say they gave the car a wash before handing it back to me.  Should you take your car in and it's going to take some time they have a chap Jack who will drive you home and then pick you up again when your car is ready in their company mini van.

I headed up to the Cork 'N Keg in Wallaceburg to place my order for red and white wine. For the red wine I ordered up a Limited Edition Advintage Terra Calda which will be a full bodied wine with a higher alchohol content. I had to order up corks and bottles and with the winery charge this came to $184.49 for 30 bottles which works out to $6.15 a bottle. On the white I ordered up a Brand Cru Chamblaise and also the appropriate bottles, etc. This came to $97.80 which works out to $3.26 a bottle. The bottles work out at $1 a bottle and I can use the empties again so really just a one off cost. On the white I'm getting 15 bottles as straight wine with the other 15 carbonated to give a kind of champagne.

The red will take around 6 weeks to mature and the white around 4 weeks. I'll let you know what they taste like to me when I get them :-)

While I was up there I met a MacGregor descendant with the name of Paxton who is an artist. He tells me he has a skien dhu made of antler horn which has been handed down to him through some 6 generations.

I got some books in today (Wednesday 21st Sept.) as I did a review of a new book for Manchester University Press and for doing that they offered me 100 worth of books from their catalogue. Can't share them due to copyright but I am hoping to get permission to publish a bit from the book "Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world, 1750 - 1820" by Douglas J. Hamilton.

I also discovered that the book I've been hunting for on the Scots on the River Plate is available at the McLaughlin Library at the University of Guelph. I am trying to see if they can some how provide a copy of it so I can put in on the web site.

I've managed to fill my book cases up but plenty more waiting to find a home...

The wee drawers are designed to hold my collection of cassettes. I figure I can get another book case behind the  door which will mostly take the balance but might also look at getting another one up in the corner.

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