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My Canadian Experience
1st of June 2005

Now that I seem to have caught up on all my paperwork and got settled and got my immigration application form sent in I kind of caught my breath for a wee while wondering what to do next.

I decided that to get to know the area better I'd contact the local tourism and economic development office and today I met with Joy Sim of the tourism department.  She kindly provided me with a new resident pack which contains a general guide to the area and a listing of all the doctors, dentists, clubs, shopping malls, etc.  Also with it was a map of the area together with street maps of the various larger towns. Also got a travel guide telling all the things you could see in the area. There was also a brochure on the Community Profile.

Joy also told me they had a special bus tour for the students and councilors to help them get to know what is all available in the Chatham-Kent area.  This tour leaves at 8.00am and gets back at 6.00pm but you go all over the area from south to north and east to west.  She's invited me to come on the next one which is due on the 28th or 29th of June which I've accepted.  This will certainly be a great way to understand what is all available in the area.

Today I also headed to Walpole Island which is North West of the area and Indian lands.  Well actually I'd heard they had cheap cigarettes so figured it would be worth a trip :-)

Here are a few photos I took..

I noticed this memorial just as I got over the bridge onto Walpole Island and thought I'd take a few photos.

As I was just on the river I thought it would be good to try the side road to see if I could get some interesting pictures

That was a jet ski heading down river

This is where you can get a ferry across to Michigan in the USA.

And here you are looking into the USA

And here we are at the Ferry and Border Post

And here is the Ferry arriving from the USA

And here they are checking through Canadian customs

I was actually told by an American couple that it is faster for them to come across to the Canadian side and motor up the river to Lake Huron than to do that on the American side as apparently they have a lot of traffic congestion on their side.

And yes I did find my cheap cigarettes which were CAN$30.00 a carton although there were also some no name brands for CAN$28.00. I was also told by a couple of women that if I had cash I could have got some for CAN$25.00 so clearly other options to explore on my next visit :-) And just for info the more usual cost of cigarettes is around CAN$58.00 a carton so almost half price.

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