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My Canadian Experience
The Tale of a Wee Mouse

Just for a change I thought I'd relate a wee story of a different nature :-)

Harold had been warning me not to keep the door open from my room to the balcony outside as in this cold weather mice can sneak in.

Well here I was working on my computer one evening when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  It was a wee mouse!

I keep a bowl of cashew nuts on my desk to nibble on as a means of reducing my smoking and the wee mouse had spotted it and was trying to get down into it to get a nut.  I watched in fascination as it tried various ways to get down to grab a nut and eventually it managed it and then retreated under some papers on the desk.  I then heard the nut being rolled around as the mouse attempted to secure it so it could nibble on it.  Eventually all went quiet and I got on with my work.

Then it appeared again and was obviously looking for a way back down from the desk. Again I stopped work to watch it trying to find a way down and then it dropped down onto one of the computer cables and so to the ground where it sped away out of sight.

Since then the mouse has visited me on several occasions and it is always fun to watch its antics.

I then mentioned to Harold about the wee mouse in my room and he said I'll get you some poison!

I glared at him... saying it was just a wee mouse....

He glared back saying "And who let it in?" <grin>

So at the moment he hasn't supplied me with any poison and I continue to enjoy its antics when it appears most evenings :-)

In actual fact there are lots of animals around the house. Most days you'll see squirrels running around the house and from time to time racoons.  There is a power cable running the length of the street at the back garden and the squirrels seem to use this as their main highway. There are also a couple of cats that visit and the black and white cat from across the road is very friendly and always willing to come up and say a Meow to you. It really enjoys sitting on top of cars watching the world go by.

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