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British Columbia, Canada

I thought I'd do a wee profile on Rocky's as anyone coming here to Kimberley for skiing or other leisure pursuits should really know what a grand resource this shop is for the area.

This is a picture of Rocky (left) with his mate Billy from Glasgow :-)

The thing about Rocky's place is that it a place for the Kids to hang out as he looks after all their bicycles for them. In fact when Rocky sells a new bike they come with a full 1 year service and warranty package.  This means they check out the bike before selling it and then help to maintain it throughout the year within the purchase price. 

He also does bike repairs and in the Summer organises great cycle rides for the wee ones.  For around $30 Canadian the wee ones get a great day out riding around the area. The police give a wee talk to them before they head out ensuring they know about safetly matters. Then it is onto the road.  The price also includes a Rocky T-Shirt, hotdogs and pop and a special 15% discount on anything they want to buy in the store.. or their parents would like to buy for them :-)

The above deal would be subject to change but that's what I spotted when at the shop so looks to be a great place to leave the kids while the parents do something else.

Rocky also does everything needed for skiing during the season and is often some 10-30% cheaper than renting equipment up at the ski slope so well worth checking him out.

As you come to the pictures below there is a wee tale of two to tell...

As I came into the shopping center I noted a wee band playing in the center of the square

We're now at Rocky's store and this is his famous grate. He gets all the wee kids excisted by telling them there is a monster down there and his sidekick, who we will meet later, gives a big roar when they're all peeking down through the grate :-)  I'm also told that some of the local girls and women in town do a wee bit of teasing when they are wearing skirts.  So you can tell right away that this is a fun place to come and you're always assured of a cheery welcome :-)

Some shots of the store

Thing to note is that Rocky sells all his ski rental equipment at the end of the season at special prices as he buys new equipment every year for the new season.

And just to show the range of skis he carries. The picture above shows the standard skis on the right and the professional skis on the left. As I'm not a skier all I can say is that the professional skis have different thicknesses, hardness, flexibility, etc. so if you're a real expert you are also well looked after at Rocky's.

Rocky also caters for snow boarders as well.  You'll also note the various machines Rocky has available to keep his skis in top shape. I might add that at this stage we are down in the basement, right under the grate and here we glimpse his sidekick :-)

And yet more machines and the work bench

The pictures on the wall are of the Australian disabled ski team. I was told it can be quite a sight if someone just happens to be visiting as you can see arms and legs being pulled off as they try on the various products :-)

And outside the shop you'll see Rocky is advertising his bike ride for Kids

And here is the front of his shop, roughly opposite the Ozone Pub.

(Prices in Canadian Dollars. These are prices at time of visit and would be subject to change)

Mid Performance Daily  3+ Days
Skis $15.00 $12.00
Boots $  5.00 $  4.00
Poles $  5.00 $  4.00
Package $21.00 $18.00
High Performance    
Skis $30.00 $25.00
Package $39.00 $35.00
Board $20.00 $17.00
Boots $  5.00 $  4.00
Package $22.00 $20.00
Helmets $  5.00 $  5.00
Skis $10.00  
Boots $  5.00  
Poles $  5.00  
Package $15.00 $12.00

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