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British Columbia, Canada
The New Internet Cafe - Sol'ace Café, Kimberley

I thought it would be some fun to follow the working of the new Internet Cafe as the local owner (Paul) outfits it and gets it ready for opening. He tells me that should be in around 2 weeks time.

Do note the Scotland logo on the jacket :-)

We haven't got a name for the Cafe yet but here is what it looks like on the 15th of March but you will note they already have the cold drinks cabinet in and someone looks a touch guilty about having one in his hand :-)

Then we also have the coffee machine in and ready and they are already selling coffee with yours truly also being a customer as well as Billy and Debbie who are right across the road from the cafe.

Further progress made as at 20th March...

And here is a later picture of the husband and wife team that are running the business. They have only just celebrated their 1st Wedding Anniversary!

More progress was discovered on Monday 22nd March...

Counters going in :-)

Tuesday 23rd I heard that comfy seating had arrived so thought I'd pop in and take a look...

And indeed it had arrived but still protected by a plastic cover

Night of the 26th and I let Paul loose with my camera to take shots of his progress since my last visit...

Ah... looking like it's getting nearly there :-)

Err.. not sure what these are... have to get Paul to explain :-)

Clearly the floor has been painted since our last visit and a load of building stuff has been removed

I think this is Paul posing for the camera :-)

8th April 2004

More progress has been made and Paul tells me the food inspector is due in on the 14th to hopefully give him the final go ahead.  Right now he's able to sell normal coffee but that's about it until he gets approval.

21st April

Paul is rearly there. He had a visit from the Health Inspector and essentially he's happy with the place but needs to come back next Monday to see the completed bathroom before he can sign things off.  Paul also just needs to fix his capuccino machine and that's about it.  He is able to serve copy and drinks as well as sweets and buscuits so some income is coming in.  His Dad and brother are coming in on Friday to see the place so hopefully I'll be able to get a photo of them all together :-)

Here are the photos I took today...

23rd April

Paul is almost there and the Robb family and myself were there to try the first hot waffle!

And Paul's brother came for a visit so we popped into the pub to take a picture :-)

7th May

The cafe is now pretty much complete and Paul is doing some excellent business already. In fact the wee girls in town seem to have adopted it as the "cool" place to hang out.  Some of the local businesses are putting in regular orders for breakfast waffels and so things look to be doing real well as Paul ramps up the business... well done guys!  And here are a few additional pictures to complete the story of a building of an Internet cafe.

And here is me sitting outside enjoying a mocca coffee and note that little touch of having a water bowl for the passing dogs just beside the sign :-)

They've got menus up on the walls now :-)

I popped in on Sunday to have a fresh fruit waffle (strawberry and banana) with chocolate sauce and ice cream and a mocca coffee to finish while reading the Sunday paper.

If you'd like to visit them on a trip to Kimberley you'll find Paul and Julia McCreadie at 180 Spokane St., Kimberley, BC V1A 2E4. Tel: 250 427 3003 and if you've enjoyed this story board why not drop them a wee line and wish them the best of luck :-)

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