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British Columbia, Canada
30th May 2004

Today I got the chance to go around Trickle Creek Golf Course which is reckoned to be the 5th best course in Canada and just one of many fine golf courses in the area. My thanks go to John who works on the course and has moved many rocks over the 12 years of the courses history for taking me around.

This is us arriving at the course

And as you can see there was a competition earlier in the day and here is John who will be our guide for the day. He was most enthusiastic about the course and told me lots of stories as we went around.

You can visit their web site at

The resident professional, Rich Mawhinney, kindly let me have the current rates for playing a round of golf... (Note that prices are in Canadian dollars)

Regular round is $107.00
Sun - Thurs after 2pm is $75.00
Twilight is $55.00
And these prices include cart rental and use of the range

Should you require to hire clubs they will cost you $25.00 for a regular set or $40 for a professional set.

And so this was the professionals shop and the 19th hole!

And now it's time to get onto the course. We are going to go around it from the 1st hole in order through to the 18th hole.

I should perhaps make a few point about the course before we head out.  First this course is designed to use the wee carts to get you around and so there is a tarmac road right along the whole course. In each buggy you will find a book providing you with directions and tips on the best way to play the course.  As you go around you will find rest rooms, ball cleaners and rubbish bins all over the place. There is also a 19th hole buggy that drives continually around offering snacks and drinks.  On the course most holes have a yellow flag 150 yards out from the green which is also a marker for directions. You will also find a yellow rubber mat which marks 100 yards out from the green. There are also a variety of tee placements colour coded black, blue, white and green. The various colours give a longer course with most men playing off blue and women playing off Green or so I understand. All in all a very professional course.

Not a good shot but picture on the right is the driving range where they have baskets of golf balls for you and no need to pick them up as a machine does that later.

And this is the view of the clubhouse from the first tee

And this is the starter's hut past which we reach the first tee

We pass some golfers as we get going

And now we get to the third hole

This is one of the rest rooms

You can see the rockies in the distance as we arrive at the fifth hole

And there was the 19th hole vending cart going by

The sixth hole and the ball cleaner and rubbish bin

And a stick to help find golf balls and some of the wee tracks that wind all over the woods

It was at this point that John told me that in the winter they organise parts of the course for skiing and toboganning as well as overland ski trails.

This basket was used to put out jugs of water but apparently some other course had problems with ecoli in the water and so they're not sure whether to continue this practice or not. You are likely to see Deer, Elk, Squirrels and even a chance of bears on your way around the course.

And we arrive at the 8th Tee

And as we completed the first half of the course we were back at the clubhouse where we caught up with the wee catering buggy

This is the highest part of the course and a spectacular view and of course a really tricky Par 3

You might just be able to see the water through the trees looking down the other way

The rock on the left is where ashes of a former greenkeeper are buried. On the right are more trails.

Looking back up to the tee and on the right one great shot right into the heart of the tree. One of the others wasn't so lucky and ended up off to the left and down the hill

We now reach the 12th hole

The 13th is a huge dogleg which most would be advised not to try and cut

The 14th hole

And now at the 15th hole

Looking back the way you always get a great view

Friendly golfers... Mmm.. wonder if they were trying to thumb a lift? :-)

Ah!  The mobile 19th hole again :-)

And we've arrived at the 17th

Gee.. they're trying to build a stone dyke.. thought it was only the Scots that could do that :-)

The final hole and this is what that yellow flag looks like and here is the view from it to the 18th hole

And there is the 100 yards marker I mentioned.  And even though you are on the golf course there are still road signs for cart drivers :-)

And having concluded our trip around the Trickle Creek Golf Course we get back to the car park and many thanks to John for a most enjoyable trip around this stunningly beautiful and challenging course.

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