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British Columbia, Canada
23rd May 2004 - Part 1

This was the day we were heading for the Pow Wow but first I wanted to take lots of pictures around Applecross as it really is a beautiful setting and our hosts Glen MacKenzie and his wife really looked after us very well indeed.

I will say I had a great discussion with Glen and things turned to the relationship between Canada and the USA.  This is actually the third or fourth time I've heard that it's likely in another generation or two that both countries might just amalgamate together.  The fact that Canada is larger in size than the USA with fabulous natural resources, many still untapped, but only a tenth of the population seems part of the problem.  Canada I'm told has around 25 million of a population whereas the USA has 250 million.

I was hearing that the USA really doesn't treat their neighbour very well.  Like BC supplies power to the USA but they don't pay their bills and thus the burden falls on the local people.  I was told of a major contract that a Canadian company got from Red China and the USA told them not to honour it.  The Canadian firm said they wanted to take the contract but the USA said... ok then but as your directors live in the USA when they come into the country we'll just put them in jail.

I heard many stories of injustices between the two countries all in the US's favour. I won't detail them all here but suffice to say it was rather disconcerting to hear all that.  It seems that the Canadian's blame their own Government for not developing a stronger foreign policy. I guess in short the Canadians see the USA as a big bully.

There is a huge amount of land available for settlement in Canada and certainly those that have their own businesses would be more than welcome here.  The costs are much lower on the whole and of course the health service is considerably better than you'd find in the USA.  You are talking around 40,000 pounds for a decent 3 bedroom detached house in Canada with good amount of land.

Anyway... enough of the political stuff on onwards with the pictures....

As I wandered around the preperty I was accompanied by the cat and dog who were both in a playful mood :-)

I'm still being followed! :-)

And here is Glen MacKenzie and his Verna  driving the buggy :-)

Insepcting the fruit trees and Ron trying to decide if he should put an offer in for the Castle :-)

Argh!  They're trying to run me down... mad women drivers!!! <grin>

But now it is time to head off for our date with the Pow Wow so with a last picture of the Cherry Trees we were on our way.

The next set of pictures will be on our way to the Pow Wow where I'll try to show you some of the agricultural land around the area in Part 2.

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