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British Columbia, Canada
13th April 2004

You might remember that on the 3rd of the month I showed pictures of the Log Cabins?  Well today we went past them again but this time on a visit to St. Marys Lake which is into the Rockies and we were travelling on logging roads a lot of the way.  This was a chance to get into the mountains and see the rivers and lakes.  This is just right over the hill from Kimberley and was around a 4 hour circular tour. It was Anita and Ron that took me this time and some special scenes and real log cabins to see.

That's Ron at the wheel and then we're heading into the mountains

This was us heading down to the bridge which goes over the river feeding into St. Marys lake

These are scenes from the bridge and finally at St. Marys lake where a load of drift wood comes down and piles up on the shore

Rather picturesque even though it was a bit hazy

This was Earl who is retired and lives in this cabin all year round

More log cabins and the last picture is of a home built sauna

And this is Ron and Anita outside the cabin which belonged to a good friend of theirs before she died last year.

Ok.. these are a bit hard to see but on the left are mountain goats and on the right is a very small pheasant that was just sitting on the site of the road. We did in fact see lots of deer but the photos didn't come out as the were well camoflaged.

This was us heading up the logging road around the lake and then back to Kimberley. Lots of rivers and streams on this route and pretty bumpy in places but am told there is great fishing up this way

A lot of drift wood in these rivers

And this was us back down toward Kimberley where I thought I'd try a final picture of a farm with horses in the field. There is certainly a lot of contrasting scenary in this area and I'm told that it's about the time when you also need to keep a wary eye out for bears!

I might add we ended our day by visiting a Chinese restaurant and had an excellent meal which rounded off the day just perfectly :-)

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