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Prince Edward Island, Canada
th March 2004

Having enjoyed a night at the Best Western's "Glengarry" hotel in Truro where the folk were all very friendly and the food was excellent I was heading for The Marshall Inn at Sackville in New Brunswick to meet George of for a lunch and bleather.

More snow had come down so driving conditions were not of the best but despite that made good time and got to my destination no problem. I did go through a toll road to get there and that's the first time I've every been on one so another first notched up :-)

Sackville is actually more of a Yorkshire town that anything else or so the owner of the inn was telling me.  As I was a wee bit early for the lunch I drove around town to take a few pictures. They have a noteable University there with some fine buildings.

When I got back Gordon was there and we did indeed enjoy a grand blether over lunch and after.  But as time was getting on we both had to depart for our own destinations and so it was back on the road to PEI for me.

The roads didn't seem that bad when I left the Inn and the roads were quite decent until I got a bit down the road to PEI where there were loads of snow drifts across the road.  Further down there was a wee accident which also meant we had to divert around onto some of their clay roads which was real fun with both the snow and the ruts in the road.

Once over onto PEI the roads were not good but surprisingly traffic kept up quite a good speed despite the conditions.  I suspect if it wasn't for the fact that I'd have been holiding up loads of traffic I may well have driven a wee bit slower than I did.  I guess the Islanders are more used to driving in snow that I am but at least I didn't see any accidents on the Island.

Finally got back and so that completed by wee excursion to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Certainly not the best of time to do that trip but i came away with an idea of how beautiful the country would be if you did this in the summer. I would have liked to have gone down to Cape Breton but it just wasn't possible so perhaps another day.

As an aside.. when I got back I had to check which refuge back the old batteries had to go into.  I don't think I mentioned this before but here on PEI you need to separate out all your rubbish. One bag for plastic stuff, another for things like batteries, another for biodegradable stuff like footstuffs, another bag for cans, etc.  I think you need a degree to work it all out.  Also you don't have any options as if you don't follow the system then the rubbish doesn't get picked up.  While this is a real pain I can't help think that after a short time you'd be so used to it that it would be automatic.  That must be a good system for the rest of the world to follow.

And so here are my collection of photographs from today...

So this is where I stayed the night.  I got the outside rooms as they allowed smoking :-)

As you can see there the roads weren't that good as I headed towards New Brunswick

And I arrived in New Brunswick

And here I have arrived in Sackville

There are some scenes from around The Marshall Inn

And these are some scenes from around the town of Sackville

You can see I was well supplied with maps :-)

And that's George on the left and me on the right :-)

And you can sse what the roads were like when I got back to PEI

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