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Prince Edward Island, Canada
th March 2004

I headed out on Saturday morning to go to Nova Scotia.  First thing I noted was there had been a fall of snow overnight so had to manufacture a snow clearing implement to clear all the windows before heading off and my wee fingers got all froze up in the process.  So.. the first thing I had to do was get unfroze before heading off :-)

The roads weren't too brilliant when I set off and then the rain came on and stayed on for the rest of the day so perhaps not the best time to travel to Nova Scotia.  In fact most of the pictures I took had to be taken from inside the car.  You know the idea... when ready to take a shot switch to intermittent wipe and then wait for the wipe to start then quickly take photo before too many rain drops hit the windscreen. Great fun so I hope you appreciate my efforts :-)

I firrst had to get to the Confederation bridge which was actually a much longer drive than I'd thoght and that bridge is certainly a long one.

Once I got into Nova Scotia I popped into the tourist information office which was OPEN!  They kindly suggested a wee tour I might take which was the coast road to Pictou, the town where the ship Hector landed with their Scottish settlers.

I am certain that the run I did to Pictou would be really beautiful in the summer but with the sea and rivers all frozen there wasn't a great deal to see.  There were some interesting wee communities on the way and I stopped at one for a bite to eat. They had some interesting old photos on the wall. I will say as you run down this road you see all kinds of Scottish names on mail boxes and lots of street and road signs with Scottish names. 

Those of you that have read some of the "Hamish the Haggis" stories will know they were written by Janet MacKay and she was from Pictou so it was nice to see the town where she lived. Some really old brick and stone buildings in this town and very similar to ones you see in Scotland so you can see the Scottish inheritance. Of course being winter the Hector museum was closed so I just took a photo of the outside for you to see.

As the light was starting to go I headed to Truro where I was going to spend the night.

So.. here are the photos I took...

This is me approaching the Confederation Bridge and the Toll Gates. $CAN39.00 to get off the island. It's free to get on though :-)

And I got the the end and into New Brunswick

Thought I'd take a couple more pictures before heading on my way

And the roundabout!

What you'd call a real "dreich" day in Scotland

And through the haze I spotted the Tourist Information place

They were most helpful and got me lots of tourist literature and some good maps!

The arms of Nova Scotia

And as you can see there was tons of literature no matter what part of Nova Scotia you were heading for. So after enjoying a browse around it was back out into the weather and heading for Pictou following the directions the nice lady at the tourist office had given me

I tried to take a few photos going through Amherst and again I suspect the summer this would be a good town to explore.

I will say the road was rather bumby and if you were prone to car sickness you might need to take it easy along these roads.

And this is where I stopped for lunch. I will say this wee town was the businest I passed through. Lots of folk walking around and cars coming through.

Didn't quite time the wipers that time! :-)  Douglas Byers wrote in aferwards to say that this town is called Tatamagouche ( First Nation name - means "meeting of the waters").

And back on the road and then I arrived in Pictou

As you can the weather wasn't good at all and my hoped for trip to the Hector museum was not to be although I really should have suspected it.

and back on the road towards Truro where I was to spend the night.

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